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Has social media for your business become a total drag? Is it no longer sparking joy, and you’re thinking of throwing it out on your next Marie Kondo haul? Well, don’t do that!
We’re here to remind you that social media is actually pretty magical! And it can be super powerful for your business, when you add a bit of smarts and the tiniest smidgen of love.
Let us guide you through the process of getting your social media back to feeling positively radiant, and actually working for you and your business.
7pm Social will:
– Demystify social media for you
– Help you to assess your current social presence
– Help you to get your branding just right
– Ensure you’re clear on who your audience is
– Show you how to get the best out of each platform
– Inspire you with a bazillion ideas for content
– Help you to get seen (by the right people)
– Encourage you to keep going!
– Help you condense all this into your own social media strategy
So, if you would like to feel sparkly and wonderful about your social media again, and clear about your why, your what and your how, then sit down, pour yourself a drink, and welcome to 7pm Social.
Love Kate, Libby and Katie


P.S This eBook is designed to be downloaded and then either printed or edited right from your device. If you will be filling in the workbook from your device, we highly recommend using the free version of Adobe Reader for the best user experience.


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