Inspired Hiking on the Mornington Peninsula

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a  hike through the Mornington Peninsula National Park. I’ve actually never visiting this sprawling forest so the simple Baldry’s Circuit Walk was the perfect introduction. Don’t worry, I already have a list of other parts of the park I would like to visit; Bushranger’s Bay, the beachContinue reading “Inspired Hiking on the Mornington Peninsula”

I Wore Period Undies For a Week and This is What Happened.

When I say I wore period undies, I am not talking about my old, grey underpants that us ladies typically pull out when it’s that time of the month. You know the ones-they’re comfy and worn and we don’t mind if they get ruined and end up in the bin. No. I am talking aboutContinue reading “I Wore Period Undies For a Week and This is What Happened.”

New Café Alert! Saucery Café in Frankston.

Remember when Frankston was not that cool? I do. As young adults my sisters bought a property together in Funky Town and I thought they were crazy. 20 years later and I am Frankston obsessed! They were the smart (and rich) ones while I only just jumped onto the property market a couple of yearsContinue reading “New Café Alert! Saucery Café in Frankston.”

Now It’s Time For Something a Little Different

When I was invited down to Mount Eliza to visit Peninsula Endermologie to receive a complimentary Endermologie treatment I was slightly apprehensive. Would it be a clinic with nurses in white coats? Did it involve needles and stretched skin? Would the waiting room be full of women with perfect eye brows? But when I mentioned toContinue reading “Now It’s Time For Something a Little Different”

Bee a better person with Bee Glad Eco Wraps

I never knew how limited in creativity I was until I started making school lunches. How many ways can I chop a carrot and slice an apple? And how many different swear words can I come up with when the lids to all the containers fail to come home? The answer to one of these is ‘2’ and theContinue reading “Bee a better person with Bee Glad Eco Wraps”