How to be more confident

….and how to be more fulfilled, how to have better boundaries, how to create a profitable business and how to make life generally better! There are so many changes that I have experienced in this last 12 months and I want to tell YOU exactly how I did it. FYI, this post contains an affiliate link to The Queen of Confidence’s group coaching program.

Just a normal woman with a life coach. Definitely not weird.

What is a life coach?

This time last year, I had zero idea what a life coach actually did. I knew it had something to do with Tony Robbins and cults and maybe walking across hot coals. Despite working as an art therapist before I had my kids and being heavily in to indwelling, reflection and self development, I am the first to admit that since the soul-suckers arrived, I had lost something vital within myself.

So, for the uninitiated, a life coach does exactly what it says on the box. Coaches you on how to live your life! Just as a sports coach trains you, imparts knowledge, shares their experiences and expertise, so a life coach does the same but with less sweat and more crying.

You can do one on one sessions, learn to coach yourself in a virtual course or, as I did, join a group program.

Back to where it began

Last year I went to a MPM Connect event that was sold out. Their featured speaker was someone called Erika Cramer AKA The Queen of Confidence. I had never heard of her before but I will always be grateful that she was introduced into my orbit that night and that our worlds collided.

Erika Cramer AKA Erika from Amerika AKA The Queen of Confidence

Erika spoke about women showing up in their lives. She spoke about people pleasing. She told us her boobs hurt because her breast fed baby was waiting for her at home. She explained how when you give too much of a fuck what other people think, you sell the world short from getting to see the real you. She said “fuck” a lot.

I walked away knowing I dug her vibe. I love women who chase their dreams and who live their best lives. Over the next few weeks I thought about my own life. Was I one of those women who were showing up in all areas of their lives? Were my choices bringing me the life I absolutely wanted? And, on that note, what kind of life did I actually want, anyway?

To put it lightly, having couple of kids really put a spanner in the works for me. Yes, of course they are awesome but motherhood has evolved during this generation. Part competitive sport, part blood sport, mums in 2019 are facing pressures that they just have not been under before.

For me, I held lots of resentment that I was being held hostage. I had NEVER in my wildest dreams imagined I would have two kids, a mortgage, a login to the school newsletter and sole responsibility for finding 4 pairs of socks in the morning. It took a long time to admit but I wanted something else for my life.

Then I joined the Sistahood….

After listening to Erika’s podcast and binging on her Instagram content, she shared a book recommendation. It was called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza and just like that, I knew I had to find a way to make Erika a regular feature of my life.

The book is heavy. It’s science based and pretty intense. It took me two reads to absorb some key components but I knew that anyone who could recommend books like that was going to be my kind of coach!

So, when I saw Erika talking about an in-person, group coaching, year long program called The Sistahood, I joined straight away.

Some of the original Sistas. There were 21 of us to start, now there are almost 70!

How to be more confident

So what’s it all about? This is how it all works:

Joining the Sistahood in Melbourne, gives you access to a group of EPIC women who are all experiencing this style of self development. They are doing the hard yards, asking themselves the difficult questions and identifying personal goals to up-level their lives.

We meet every couple of months for an immersion event. So far, I have explored managing my mind, addressing ego, people-pleasing (and how to stop that nonsense) & self love. The next immersion event-these are full day, in person events with breakdowns and breakthroughs-is all about relationships. Don’t worry, I will be taking tissues.

In addition to the events, there is homework (usually in the form of audio books, films, YouTube clips etc) and lots of meet-ups with the other women in the group.

I’ve joined them for dinners, dance classes, gallery visits, many coffees, lunch dates, hikes, charity events, workshops and just hanging out. We talk, we laugh, we belly dance. What we DON’T do is gossip, talk shit about other people, compare ourselves to strangers on the internet, get stuck in victim land or play blame ping pong with our high school principal from 1998 (in our heads.) We’ve become each other’s go-to’s for everything from launching new businesses to grief support to being the first people I tell when I try to jump across a muddy river but fall in instead.

Deep friendship, deep connection, no bullshit or wasting time focused on the actions of other people. We know we are in charge of our thoughts, feelings and lives. How do we know? Because we’ve been in the forest of our brains all year long. Fighting old demons and new fears, changing, growing and evolving.

How I feel after a year of life coaching

My biggest lesson this year has been about creating boundaries. I used to spend all my time and energy so caught up in other people’s stuff that I had very little time to think about my own life. Yep, that was a handy strategy for a tired mum because it meant I could distract myself with drama and never have to look inwards and start making changes.

When I did finally start looking at my on life I realised I needed boundaries in every single area if I was going to have a fighting chance to chase the life I knew I was capable of living.

Boundaries with work stuff turned in to deeply questioning what my ideal work situation looks like and guess what? These days, I HAVE THE BUSINESS OF MY DREAMS. I get to work with heart-centred business owners to help them communicate with their people! I get to work from home, earn as much money as I choose and it feels AMAZING. I run work shops, study to strengthen my skills and do all the office admin like a BOSS. I love it!

Running the first workshop I designed, promoted, SOLD OUT tickets to and ran, solo. Photo by Michelle Kate Photography

Boundaries with my family turned in to big shifts with….everything. Just choosing to spend a whole day away from them every couple of months was a massive deal for me. SECRET: I didn’t even tell Dylan what I was doing coaching for a few months-I felt so selfish taking time to invest in myself #mumguilt. These days I do what I want. I communicate with the people I live with so we are all good and clear but yeah, it’s my life so see you tomorrow guys. I go to the gym, go to dinners, have one kid in childcare and ask for outside help when I need it. This feels awesome and I feel much more like myself again and less like a scullery maid.

Boundaries in my friendships has meant these have grown or changed. I’ve had hard conversations. Honest ones. I’ve had to tell friends that I really am okay, I can just no longer be in situations that steal my magic. It’s HARD to be my authentic self and tell the truth. But it’s worth it. I’ve made new friends too, not just with the Sistahood ladies, but with other people because I am now showing up in my life as my real self! I choose friendships where our values are aligned and we can laugh and have fun together (and talk about Eckhart Tolle)

I feel more aligned, stronger, happier and yes, more confident than I have in about 10 years.

So, are you ready to change your life for the better? Then join the cult, I mean the Sistahood. I want to answer all your questions about what it’s like inside the group and what it’s like on the other side of the first year. Get in touch and let’s chat about it. If you feel like it might suit you then, seriously, join in.

Ready to get started?

What Should I Write in my Business Blog?

How to come up with content and ideas that your audience will love.

I recently asked a simple question on Instagram stories:

“What stops you from blogging for your business?”

A simple question with many, many lengthy responses! One of the most common themes on the sticker replies was:

How do I come up with good content for my business blog?

I absolutely love this line of thinking because content ideas are absolutely endless AND it shows me that these Instagram followers are not just churning out blog posts for the sake of it. If you’ve ever wondered how to tap in to your target market and write content that people actually want to read, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a few ideas you may not have thought of when generating blog content for business websites.

Don’t let the middle-distance-stare fool you! I find generating blog topics to be super-duper easy!

Do what I did; ask your audience!

First up, identify where you following or community is strongest. This may be on Instagram, like me, or maybe you have a fabulous email list or engaged Facebook group. Wherever your people are, don’t be afraid to just ask them what their pain points are or what they’d like to learn more about. This will give you blog content ideas AND give you hints to help your business plan. Make it really simple by using polls or yes/no questions and don’t forget to acknowledge the answer with gratitude.


For a children’s art teacher who offers small group classes, she could ask:

“How old is your little art-lover?” with the resulting blog post being ‘5 messy art experiences for under 5’s’

Keep your blog topics simple

Don’t assume that people know even the basics when it comes to your subject of expertise. (note to self: write blog post called What is SEO.) While you don’t have to be the go-to expert on your subject, your contribution to a conversation about it will be invaluable to the people who, for whatever reason, need to hear the information from you and only you. Sometimes, less is more so stick to the topic and make is easy for your reader to understand. One topic per blog post, please!


Someone creating post natal products could focus on the first 24 hours after giving birth, breastfeeding or mental health….just not in the same post!

” The First 24 Hours of Motherhood; what to expect” will capture an ideal audience much more effectively then “Giving Birth, Breast Feeding and Signs of PND to look out for.”

My actual hand writing actual words. Behind the scenes stuff should be authentic and relatable.

Behind-the-scenes insights

You’ve heard it all before but the sayings are true-people don’t buy products, they invest in people! Let your audience get to know you by sharing behind the scenes insights and information. Tell people what you’ve learned, explain your processes BUT remember, don’t be that boring person at a party-tell your story but only when it adds value to the listener.


I recently worked with a well-known clothing label on their About section of the website. While interviewing and getting to know them I learned that they travel to China 3 times a year to meet with the family-run manufacturing business that ethically and sustainably produced their pieces. This is a story I would love to read about!

“Why ‘Made in China’ May Not Look Like What You Think it Does”

Get back to basics

Work out who you are talking to. The way you speak and what you speak about depends on you knowing your readers really well. This will impact your writing ‘voice’ and the style of blog posts you writing. Remember year 7 English? Is your blog post intended to story-tell, inform or persuade?


An eco-friendly, low-tox beauty product manufacturer could write a persuasive piece to teens on

“10 ways to save the planet that you should teach your parents” With at least three ways pointing directly to the business with examples of plastic free packaging etc. Get the idea?

What’s going on in their head? In mine: who is cooking dinner, I should have worn a jacket and I need to go to the hairdresser but I have no time.

Get in their heads

Have a think about your product or service. Now, generate a list of 5-10 problems your ae solving for your client with the existence of your offering. There you go! You now have 5-10 blog post topics to use.


I offer copywriting, SEO coaching and workshops. This means I could write blog posts about how outsourcing can save my client’s time (pain point one), generate more traffic and conversions (pain point two) or increase learning by doing it one on one or in small groups (pain point three.) Of course, these blog posts would be value-packed for the reader and would be entitled:

“How to Create Delegate, Outsource & Forget-About-It Lists in Your Biz”

“Need more website traffic? Here’s 3 ways a business blog can help.”

“Attention small business owners; why group upskilling is the new network meeting.”

As you can see, there are many ways to generate content for your blog. If you think some coaching would benefit you (or you just want to get it totally off your to-do list!) then check out my services here:

Go the blog posts sorted but don’t know how to get eyes on them? Read this:

3 Ways to Get More Blog Visitors (without a marketing budget!)

Have you ever written a fabulous piece of content and then wondered to yourself “How can I get more visitors to my blog?” Throw in the challenge of getting more blog followers when you don’t have a marketing budget and blogging can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. But, if you are serious about capturing customers who are ready to buy, blogging is essential for small businesses.

It’s easy to feel disheartened when trying to cut through the noise online and get your business in front of your ideal client. Facebook ads, using influencers or running comps can all work when it comes to brand exposure, but what about when it comes to strengthening your position as the go-to expert in your field or converting sales?

Developing a business blog is a great way to connect with your audience and provide additional value to your potential customers. However, creating the content is just part of the equation. Developing a marketing plan for each post will see you getting value out of every word you have written. Here’s 3 ways you can get the most bang for your buck without spending a cent

Create evergreen content

Think about it. When it comes to creating content, writing a 1000-word blog post requires a big investment of your time vs writing an Instagram or Facebook post. So, it makes sense to re-use that blog post as much as you can. Creating evergreen content simply means keeping your content generic enough (while still being value-packed!) that it can be marketed at different times of the year. Instead of spending hours creating a blog post called “Gift Guide for End of Year Teacher Presents” to use once a year, tweak it to a more general “Perfect Gift for Those Hard to Buy for People”. Suddenly, you have a post you can market for father’s day, mother’s day (anyone else get lumped with buying for the mother-in-law?), Christmas time and for your original idea of end of year teacher gifts.

Now comes the fun bit! Marketing that piece of content throughout the year. Just say your gift guide has amazing Keep Cups you stock in your online store. And then, just say plastic free July is coming up. It’s the perfect chance to use the cup as a hook and get people to your site. In this case, you could create a Facebook or Instagram post using a strong image of the Keep Cup with some copy such as “We are so excited to be embracing #plasticfreejuly; these Keep Cups are the perfect way to kick off an eco-friendly month. Check out the range of colours (and some other goodies to spend your tax return on) right here.” Pop in a link and ta-da! Now, keep in mind that the people heading to your post, in this case, are keep to use less plastic so re-read your post with that audience in mind.

Share your post to Facebook groups

You know those (usually annoying) groups on Facebook that have you reading posts about baby-led weaning or someone’s thoughts on Minimalism Vs the Kondo Method? These groups are the perfect place to share you content. This helps in two ways:

  • Sharing your Facebook posts and getting more eyes on it indicates to Facebook that it’s a useful piece of content which in turn means Facebook can confidently serve it up to more people organically.
  • You are likely to get people clicking-either on to your Facebook page or on to your website to read the post.

So, how do you do this without appearing spammy? Well first up, do you research. You want to join groups that have a large volume of people who are in your target market. I once shared a Halloween post featuring a Kmart peg board I’d turned in to a donut wall to a Kmart Hack group and got 800 page views over night. Likewise, 2000 people read my post on Peninsula Hot Springs after I shared it to a group for mums on the Mornington Peninsula with over 15 thousand members.

Join the group and actively participate before sharing your biz post. This will give you a feel for your audience and give you a sense of how business posts perform. Then check their advertising rules and stick to the, closely so you don’t find yourself getting kicked out. You’ll find this info in the pinned post or under announcements. If the rules are not clear, simply message and admin or ask in a post.

Once you’re good to go, press ‘share’ on your original Facebook post and then share to your chosen group. Never dump and run-add a bit of text to your post speaking directly to the group members. Something like “Hey ladies, with Plastic Free July coming up, we can all do our bit in reducing our waste. I use these keep cups every single day and I love that the glass is insulated to keep it hot on the morning school run!”

Swap a link with a site your audience will love

Link-juice. What is it and why is it important? Link juice is an SEO term that refers to the idea that Google assesses sites that lots of other sites link to, as being of high value. Therefore, it’s more likely to serve up that site during searches. Although this is broadly trueish, unless you are getting links from high authority sites on your niche, the value of having a link on someone else’s website is more to do with adding actual value to actual human beings. With that in mind, get in touch with people in a similar space and collaborate to help your customers and clients more than you can do alone. For example, that gift guide could make an excellent addition to a post about National Teacher Appreciation Day by a local blogger. They write their post and say “For some great gift ideas check this out” and link to your site. Then you add their link to the bottom of your post with something like “Think these gift would be perfect for a teacher in your life? Check out this post all about the upcoming National Teacher Appreciation Day.”

Again, link building can get a little murky with go follow links, no follow links, DA and PA scores and broken links actually hurting your SEO so, only share, link and post when it makes sense for your reader.

Want to learn more about the power of the humble blog for business websites? Come along to my August workshop. Grab your tickets here:

Now that you’ve nailed your blog post marketing, it’s time to smash your email marketing goals. Here’s a great place to start:

Art Red Hill

Looking for something to do this weekend on the Mornington Peninsula? Then don’t miss Art Red Hill which opens this Friday night for a dose of local culture! Drawings, photos, paintings and sculpture-all available for purchase- make Art Red Hill THE place to support local artists and get your hands on something beautiful!

I was lucky enough to do a pre-launch walk through this week to take a look at what is going up on the walls. I saw so many beautiful pieces that had me dreaming of buying a 15 bedroom house purely to display my art collection.

Amazing local talent. One of each for my fantasy house please!

There really is something for everyone with prices ranging from under $100 all the way up to several thousand. No matter what takes your fancy-big, small, abstract, fine art, photography or statement pieces-you shall find it in the treasure trove of Red Hill Consolidated this weekend.

Cute and quirky. Are these famous faces or a comment on everyone being works of art?

In addition to the gallery, there will also be a pop up shop selling jewellery, homewares, candles, gifts and clothing so be sure to take a look through there for Mother’s Day. Live music, local wine and delicious dinner by Red Gum BBQ will feature on Friday night while Saturday and Sunday will be all about family time. Bring the kids and they can have fun in our art and craft area while you enjoy perusing the art.

See the abstract in the top, right hand corner? It’s by Lauren Charlton from mpmade_scene_eat and I am OBSESSSED. Also love the bottom left which is of the Epicurean walk where I was stung by a wasp last weekend. 

This is Red Hill Consolidated’s biggest fundraiser for the year so it’s the perfect way to support the school community as well as adorn your home with amazing-ness.

Want to purchase your ticket for Friday night? Hit up the website here

Never heard of Red Gum BBQ, the launch night caterers? Check out this blog post here: Red Gum BBQ = OMG.

Boneo Maze Easter Weekend Light Festival

Things to do on the mornington peninsula this easter weekend.png

Have I mentioned lately that I love Boneo Maze? We go approximately 8 times a year because:

  • Emily can run around like a lunatic
  • I love beautiful things like sand sculptures
  • Dylan loves that it is licensed and offers local Morni Pen wines and craft beers
  • Mini is obsessed with mini golf because she beats us all every time

This Easter weekend, they are doing something a little different. In the evenings, the grounds will be transformed into a magical wonderland of lights and activities for all ages. Side note: Friday night is a full moon so when I say “All ages” just be aware that toddlers may go feral. It’s also happening on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The evenings will include:

  • Sand sculptures (Peter Pan theme)
  • Lantasia lights
  • Light puppets
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Interactive neon wire sculptures
  • Live musicc
  • Stalls
  • Kid’s workshops

and, critically,

  • a bar
Boneo maze easter weekend event 1.png

Tickets are $30 per person (mini golf is an extra fee) and can be purchase righttttttttt here. Tickets are limited as these events have been SO popular in the past so get in quick! For more info just head to the link above and find out about opening times etc.

What a fun way to celebrate the Easter weekend without having to lie about magical rabbits or eat copious amounts of sugar! See you there. x

Smashing Out Back to School Lunches

School holidays are hard right? But often they are not as annoying as making another. school. lunch. It’s a necessary evil though, I am afraid, so we may as well make the most of it and enjoy the parts of it that we can! For me, this means lovely, easy to clean lunchboxes and fast and healthy recipes.

For lunch boxes, Smash has got you covered! They sent me (free of charge cos I am a lucky duck) their range that is available at Big W.

First up is this glittery extravaganza. Perfect for a preppy who needs a little extra bling to get them through those first nervous weeks. It has two sections so is ideal if your little one gets confused between lunch and recess. Sequins are a big part of our lives so this lunch box was naturally absorbed in to our beach picnic/park play/grandparent visit repertoire.

BPA free, lined with antimicrobial lining so no mould or mildew issues.

Next is our all time favourite for Mini-the Bento Switch Up. We love this because of all the different sections. Mini usually packs her own lunch and having a one item per section guideline ensures that the whole lunch box isn’t just filled up with corn chips. By the way, these bliss balls are SO DELICIOUS. They’re from Meredith Gaston’s book Wellbeing which has recipes for lots of easy things to pop into a lunch box for kids and adults alike.

Dishwasher safe and insulated!

Who is excited to be getting back to work now that school is going back? Meeeeee! Despite what my Instagram feed would have you believe, I do actually work a few days a week. These two are perfect for a day of meetings or for Dylan to take to work with him. Stylish with a sense of sophistication. I love these ones!



This range also has great drink bottles which we tried out. As I write this post, both kids have taken theirs our with them so I can’t give you a pic. Sorry! Em’s clips on to her bag which is a life saver and Mini’s glows in the dark which, for a 7 year old, is the coolest thing ever.

Take a look next time you are in Big W or check out the full range here: Smash Enterprises

Doing the Kiss’n’Go now that the kids are back at school? Then you may be needing this! 3 Mornington Peninsula Coffee Haunts That Are So Convenient, They’re Practically Drive-Thru.


A Little Bird Told Me….Review of New Peninsula Business: The White Pigeon Said.


The Mornington Peninsula seems to inspire the most beautiful products. Whether it’s the beachy landscape, relaxed lifestyle or our connection with marine life and the National Park, when people create on the Peninsula, it is often with a mindfulness of our natural surroundings.

And it is no different when it comes to newly launched business, The White Pigeon Said. If you are into products that are 100% natural, toxin and cruelty free and are handcrafted right here from sustainably sourced raw ingredients, then you will LOVE what The White Pigeon Said is offering.

We tried three products (F.Y.I We were gifted these products to try) over the last month of so: Soothe It, Rescue My Face and Feed Your Skin.

Whitepigeon1.jpg Soothe it does exactly what it says on the jar; soothes it! We used it on Em’s face when she had scratches from a fall and I used it on a scratch I had UP MY NOSTRIL. I know, the perils of living with a toddler.

It feels like a balm and because it is 100% natural I felt okay about using a bit extra as a lip balm etc. No stinging, just soothing!

whitepigeon3 Rescue My Face was my favourite of the three products. You can mix the powder with water or yoghurt (I used coconut yoghurt) depending if you want a thinner mask or one with a more nourishing feel. I felt like my whole face just drank it in and I had zero irritation or redness afterwards which is a first for my sensitive skin.

whitepigeon2This body bar, made with Shea, is really luscious. Feed Your Skin pops up like a lip balm so application is easy and mess free. I used it on some dry skin on my shins and I noticed an improvement almost immediately.

All the products are biochemist formulated and I could definitely tell that there was a balance of ingredients to create a beautiful mix of healing elements with a gorgeous feel (and smell!)

With Christmas just around the corner, these products would be a gorgeous gift for sun-loving people who need a bit of skin-love. A great way to support small, local business and to treat yourself or someone else. Take a look a the website for more info: The White Pigeon Said

If you care about what you put on your body and IN your body, check this out: Review: Soul Press, Mornington.

Inspired Hiking on the Mornington Peninsula

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a  hike through the Mornington Peninsula National Park. I’ve actually never visiting this sprawling forest so the simple Baldry’s Circuit Walk was the perfect introduction. Don’t worry, I already have a list of other parts of the park I would like to visit; Bushranger’s Bay, the beach caves and Picnic Point just to name a few.

spray point
Spray Point Boardwalk. It’s on my list! Photo from the Parks Victoria Website.

The best part about this hike, aside from the forest bathing I did on a gorgeous Spring morning, was that it was an Inspired Hike-a workshop designed and delivered by Life Coach, Julia Matherson. Julia greeted me with a hug and explained the way the morning would run-a little hiking, a little indwelling- before we set off on our hike into the trees.

inspired hike fern We stopped periodically to meditate, fill in our workbooks and do bush wees. The pace was slow enough that we could still chat (during the portions that we were not practicing silent walking meditation) but challenging enough that we had to focus on the moment so as not to fall in to a hole (I was 95% successful with this.) It was an amazing balance of physical mindfulness in an environment of trees, unfurling ferns and trickling rivers.

inspired hike river The inner work we undertook was gentle and creative. We looked at our intention for the season of Spring and all of the habits and practices that were no longer serving us that we were willing to release. Then we did a gorgeous meditation on our ideal life, ten years from now. What it looks like, feels like, who is there, what we’re doing, all the details of an ideal life not encumbered by the restraints of finances, time etc. I was relieved to find my husband was hanging out in my massive house in my fantasy, surrounded by framed, poster-sized covers of my best selling books. There was also a pool and a balcony that if you sat on carefully, you could touch sand with your toes as waves crashed into the shore. Oh and stand up paddle boards made an appearance too (note to self, learn SUPing in next 12 months.)

Julia answered all our questions and handed out apples and protein balls as kangaroos hopped past and the sun rose over the tree tops.

inspired hike workbook There were tears. There was laughter. There was much writing and resonance and hugging as we deep dived and shared our thoughts. 3 hours of walking and talking and reflecting and we excavated all the big things and all the small things that were swimming in our minds in the soup of every day thoughts, the mundane and our conditioned reactions. It may sound heavy but the hike was just a toe dip. The real work starts now-with the knowledge that we discovered at the top of the hill.

inspired hike selfie

An amazing bunch of women!

If you’d like to learn more about these hikes or book in for next one, take a look a Julia’s website. The November hike is being co-hosted by MP Kickass Collective and will be a great opportunity to connect with other Morn Pen based biz owners.

24 hours on and I have already implemented some changes. Made the phone calls, researched the microphones, worked out a budget. This hike has given birth to my next exciting venture: The Miss Morni Penni Podcast. Stay tuned for the launch!

I Wore Period Undies For a Week and This is What Happened.

When I say I wore period undies, I am not talking about my old, grey underpants that us ladies typically pull out when it’s that time of the month. You know the ones-they’re comfy and worn and we don’t mind if they get ruined and end up in the bin.

Just looking out to sea and wondering why so many ads for pads and tampons feature women looking thoughtful or skipping along the beach. 

No. I am talking about the new wave of undies by Modibodi. They’re just like regular undies but they have superpowers because when you wear them, you don’t have to wear tampons or pads.  On that note, can we just get the ick factor out of the way? Period, pads, tampons, blood, discharge, wee-wee, sweat. There. Better.

FYI: This post is sponsored by Modibodi. All opinions, words and periods are my own.

Ever since I saw Modibodi undies being modelled by the gorgeous and hilarious and talented Rosie Waterlands, I have been so intrigued. Are they magic? Full of witchcraft? Vampires? (sorry, gross.) How do they make the blood disappear? And while I don’t really know the scientific answer, I do know that after a week of wearing them, I will NEVER buy another pad.

Photo of Rosie in her undies sourced from

Right, let’s get mega personal. My uterus is shaped like a love heart. It’s true. I found out when I was a teenager because I had very heavy periods and lots of cramps. So as a result, my relationship with Mrs Flow has always been a bit strained. There was a time in my twenties when we fell in love again as I was so happy to see her every month but I must say, having a 9 month break for each of my pregnancies was pretty cool too. After having the girls my periods were really heavy for the first few months after finishing breastfeeding but I reckon as of a couple of months ago, I have normal-heavy periods. Just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, I digress. I wore a combo of the Classic and Sensual over the five days because I like having options when it comes to underpants.

Classic Bikini from

How they felt: Both were true to size and comfy. I read some reviews beforehand about tight waist bands but I found that they fit exactly like a regular pair of knickers. The first couple of days were a bit weird. Like….I guess I kept thinking “Fuck! I forgot to wear a pad!” but then I would remember and relax (and be super conscious that something was happening in my pants.) After a couple of days I didn’t think about it at all.

How they looked: I wore black ones so they looked like normal undies to me. To be honest, no one is really looking at my crotch while I have my period so I am not sure why I am even writing this paragraph. Does it look like a nappy? No. Doesn’t it look slightly bulkier than sheer undies? Yes.

How they worked: Look, I  feel like the answer here has something to do with bamboo, wicking and cashmere. Blood would go on them and then it would basically disappear. Exactly like a pad-you knew it was there but it felt dry and absorbed. I am going to go out on a limb here and just say it. I think they’re better than pads. As in, I think the overnight ones offered better protection (not from the boogie man, from the period monster.)

Washing: Have you ever seen that shower scene out of the movie Psycho? Well that is what happened on day one to me. For some ludicrous reason I thought I’d just rinse them in the shower with me. You know, multitask #mumlife. A few seconds after the water hit them I realised my error. Although they appeared to be normal undies, they actually contained a horror-movie amount of my blood. From then on I followed the instructions and rinsed them in a sink like a normal person then threw them in the wash with my clothes. Before you ask, no, my clothes didn’t come out stained in blood and yes they were clean as a whistle.

Where I wore them: To the gym, to bed, on a train, in blue jeans, presenting a workshop, doing a dance, to a Pilates session, during a nap, in my new car.

Did they leak? I kid you not, they didn’t leak once. Not even overnight (I wore overnight ones which were brilliant because the padding stuff  was high at the front and back. I meditate laying down on my back because I am lazy but even then didn’t leak as my whole….lady garden…..was surrounded by the good stuff.)

Sensual. Photo sourced from

This most important bit: Guess how many tampons the average woman uses in a lifetime? FOURTEEN THOUSAND. That is a shit load of land fill and will cost you about 5 grand for the privilege. The senate voted to lift the tax on pads and tampons a couple of months back which may reduce the price but even so, economically and environmentally, this is a no brainer. Plus, Toxic Shock Syndrome, cancer causing dioxins, bleach inside your vagina or against your vulva etc. Writing this I actually do not know why I used tampons and pads for 20 years. Maybe because this kind of product just wasn’t available.

Which leads me to my final point! I have daughters. They watch me on the toilet. God knows why, but bless their little souls, they are obsessed with me. When the nightmare of puberty starts in this household (Bye Dyan! It was nice knowing you!) I want the girls to see period undies as the norm-for the sake of their health, the environment and just to generally move into an awareness and connection to their bodies. So here’s to role modelling and teaching them in the best way I know how-showing them how it’s done.

To purchase your own period undies, go to 

I suggest buying a bundle pack so you don’t have to wash and dry each night. Let me know how you go!


Out of This World Stationary

There’s something about a clean and tidy desk that makes me feel a million times more productive than usual. And nothing makes sorting out my home office more inspiring than a brand new range of stationary!


This gorgeous Neo Galaxy range will be available in Big W stores from 15th of July 2018. I was lucky enough to get an early release to review. Here are my favourite items from the range.


I love daily planners and to-do lists. The little sticky notes are perfect for adding into a diary or calendar and the weekly organiser has 13 spaces per day to ensure that you won’t miss a thing. All done in purples with the gorgeous galaxy print throughout. Oh, and check out the paperclip! It comes in a set with planets, stars and moons. So cool!


Talking of cool, check out these note books and document folders. I love the constellation cover the best. I’m always taking notes in meetings and on the go so the more note books I have the better! Mini has already stolen a couple of these. She quite likes to make her own to-do lists with her own agenda. But that’s another post altogether….

SMASH5 I got into the habit of using inboxes and outboxes when I worked as a function coordinator a few years ago. Nothing beats being able to physically see your work load move from one tray to the other. These ones from the Neo Galaxy range are so dreamy; they’re light but strong.

The big binders would be perfect for any kid of project planning. I am using mine to store art work and treasures (love letters) from the kids.


More gorgeous covers in space inspired colours. That would have to be my favourite part of the range actually-that it is grown up enough to appeal to adults but I can imagine tweens and teens being keen to get their hands on these too.

Are you a stationary addict too? What’s your must have item?