What Should I Write in my Business Blog?

How to come up with content and ideas that your audience will love. I recently asked a simple question on Instagram stories: “What stops you from blogging for your business?” A simple question with many, many lengthy responses! One of the most common themes on the sticker replies was: How do I come up withContinue reading “What Should I Write in my Business Blog?”

New Year’s Resolutions of a One Year Old

Found Emily’s New Year’s Resolution list today: Up my efforts in smearing banana on the pram. Mum loves how it looks like bird poo and makes people in Safeway judge her. In 2017 I only went to the hospital once or twice. Increase this to at least once a month. Ideas: Fall off kitchen tableContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions of a One Year Old”

The Life Changing Magic of Stay-cationing

Staying home for the school holidays? Me too! I actually love spending time at home and Insta-Bae is all about renovating our home while he has time off from renovating other people’s homes. (He’s currently noisily building a pantry while the baby naps and I am trying not to complain.) No packing, flights, currency conversionContinue reading “The Life Changing Magic of Stay-cationing”

How To: Shop Small in a Big Centre for Christmas.

There are two types of people in this world: The ones who have been doing their Christmas shopping all year, paying off lay-bys and ticking off lists, fresh tree in the corner with colour coordinated decorations and a personalised picture book at the ready for Christmas Eve. Then there’s people like me. I still don’tContinue reading “How To: Shop Small in a Big Centre for Christmas.”

Cheat’s Guide to Good Family Food (without the stress & supermarket dashes).

If there’s one thing I dread more than school holidays, readers, hair brushing and finding matching socks it’s thinking of something to cook for dinner EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. I resent meal planning and laugh in the face of shopping lists. I know some people who cook a different meal for each child each night and they don’tContinue reading “Cheat’s Guide to Good Family Food (without the stress & supermarket dashes).”