New Year’s Resolutions of a One Year Old

Found Emily’s New Year’s Resolution list today:

  1. Up my efforts in smearing banana on the pram. Mum loves how it looks like bird poo and makes people in Safeway judge her.
  2. In 2017 I only went to the hospital once or twice. Increase this to at least once a month. Ideas: Fall off kitchen table on to floor boards (hit head? break arm?) Endless possibilities with new cat inc. cat door injuries. Maybe just an old fashioned trampoline mishap? Start research into ED’s busiest times.
  3. Start childcare. Mum feels guilty about this one so I’ve got to keep the pressure on by hitting her computer whenever she is on it, not falling asleep in the evenings unless she is holding my hand and randomly vomiting whenever she is on a work call.
  4. Trash my sister’s room regularly.
  5. Grow some more teeth so that when I bite dad on the stomach is hurts even more.
  6. Bite dad on the stomach
  7. Lose 10202 socks or shoes
  8. Ruin $2991092 worth of clothes/homewares/carpet/plants
  9. Refuse to speak. That’ll freak her right out.
  10. Become even cuter so I can get away with all of this and still have them wipe my butt 6 times a day.



The Life Changing Magic of Stay-cationing

Staying home for the school holidays? Me too! I actually love spending time at home and Insta-Bae is all about renovating our home while he has time off from renovating other people’s homes. (He’s currently noisily building a pantry while the baby naps and I am trying not to complain.) No packing, flights, currency conversion or shots; it is such a stress free way to spend the Christmas break.

Don’t let the fact that you are on home soil deter you from enjoying everything you would normally enjoy while on vacation. Here’s a few ideas to get you started and I bet you will come up with many more yourself (if you do, drop them into the comments so other’s can benefit from your creativity!)

  1. Explore your home town as though you are a tourist.


You can even take corny photos! This one is lemon-squeezy if you live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula as there is always something new to discover. To make it even easy-peasier, I’ve created a couple of hashtags so you can search Instagram for inspo. #MMPvisits will show you activities all over the Peninsula. To explore a specific suburb, use #MMPvisits and then add the name of the suburb (for example, type in #MMPvisitsMornington. If you want to see posts from our adventures in that particular suburb in your Instagram feed on an ongoing basis, you can even follow the hashtag on Instagram the same way you would follow an account. Simples!

Also check out The Penny Saver voucher book for discounts on all sorts of Morn Pen adventures!

2. Have a manicure/pedicure at home with the kids.


Massages and manicures are two of my fave things about travelling to places in South East Asia. But we have been recently enjoying these at home which is cheaper and also feels less exploitative.  Bo- Po sent me some of their brush on, peel off nail varnish which is perfect for kids as it requires no varnish remover to get it off.  I’ll be doing another giveaway for Bo-Po on Instagram in early 2018 so stay tuned! Or check out their range here

3. Fake-away.


Like takeaway but you cook it at home for 1/4 of the cost! Eating Thai, Mexican and Indian cuisine helps add to the illusion that you are on an International holiday. Plus shopping at Farmer’s markets or farm gate stores is so much fun.

Hopefully that’s given you  good start!

Have fun! x



How To: Shop Small in a Big Centre for Christmas.

There are two types of people in this world: The ones who have been doing their Christmas shopping all year, paying off lay-bys and ticking off lists, fresh tree in the corner with colour coordinated decorations and a personalised picture book at the ready for Christmas Eve. Then there’s people like me.

I still don’t have firm plans for Christmas day, my KK recipient will most likely get a voucher and for some reason Mini has ended up with about 20 presents and Emily only 2. And for the love of little baby Jesus WHAT am I going to buy my 12 year old nephew? And dad. And husband. And do I need to give something to the swimming teacher?

But you know what? There is still time my lovely friends. Time to pop down to the shopping centre and nail that list all in one hit. Now don’t panic, I am not telling you to go to Target and buy everyone Lego (however that would be awesome because everyone loves Lego.) You can still shop small, support local and get really lovely personal gifts. Here’s how!

Please note that this post was created in collaboration with Bayside Shopping Centre. The stores visited and all opinions are my own ideas and thoughts. 

First of all, you are going to have to take the kids. I know. It seems insane but no one can babysit at this time of year with all the break up parties and lunches etc. Once you accept that you are about to take your kids Christmas shopping it is okay. You’ve taken them shopping every other time and this is going to be just the same. DO NOT PANIC.

Stop one is We Wash U Shop. Drive directly to the We Wash U Shop car washing area underneath Woolworths and throw your keys towards one of the legends that work there. They may ask something like “Inside and out?” This is not a trick question-just say “YES! Clean the whole thing. Sorry about the coffee mugs and debris everywhere. I have kids!” and then tell them what time you will be back. Wave good bye to your filthy car because next time you see it, it’s going to look amazing. You can confidently pull up to Christmas lunch and pretend like you have your life together.


Okay, so kids in pram and up the escalators to begin. There are loads of places to grab a coffee but I usually go to the first cafe I see which is the one near the play area outside Kmart. Show your kids the play area while you are here and look them straight in the eye and tell them if they behave, you can come back for a play. ANY whinging, fighting, running off etc will mean that you are leaving immediately and remind them that SANTA IS WATCHING.

Speaking of Santa, head straight towards the awesome set up near Target to see him. The Gingerbread Land set is amazing this year. Did I forget to mention you need Santa photos? Well you do. They are usually hilarious and also make great gifts for in-laws and teachers.  Bayside has heaps of package options including frames etc and they print them on the spot. Or you can order a digital version to make it even easier to make into a photo book or a mug or something.

Okay, after you have seen Santa, drop into Taylormade directly beside Santa Land. They do framing and also loads of memorabilia. Look, I have no idea about sport but I did see a signed football boot in there from Luis Suarez. He plays football and bit someone’s ear OFF during a game. I actually think he did that twice. Weirdo. Anyway, the husband LOVES this sort of stuff and if I could deal with having it in my house I would totally buy if for him but unfortunately I have decided to buy him (me) new bed linen instead.

How are we feeling? Are the kids being okay still? If not, buy them a cookie from the café outside Target. Seriously, now is not the day to be judging your own parenting. Hot Tip: They also sell apple juice.

Now go down the escalators to the bottom floor and make your way outside into the arcade bit. From here you are going to go to Hoyts and get Goldclass tickets for your siblings and include a cute note about babysitting their kids for them. Side note: How come other people’s kids are not annoying like your own?

Then it’s time to give your kids and Ipad or phone or some Phenergan (jokes!) because you are about to walk into Mynd and you’ll want to enjoy this.  If you cannot find a present for every single person you have ever met here then you are not trying.

So, just buy everyone the Mermaid Oil. I have no idea what it is but I know that I need it and so does everyone else. I had a quick chat to the lovely lady working in there and her hot tip for Christmas gifts is the locally made organic skin care range OR (and stay with me here because she is on to something) synthetic flowers. I KNOW. It doesn’t make sense but it actually does make perfect sense if you stop thinking about 80s awful fake ferns. These are enormous King Proteas and the look real AF.

Once you have spent hundreds of dollars in Mynd (they stock Kip & Co. Bring your credit card) then you are going to pop next door to Mirror Mirror and sort out your Christmas party outfit.


Super easy to find clothes and a bag and jewellery AND shoes. After all that shopping you can also have a little sit down in their dressing room area.


How inviting does that look? But no! We must carry on. We are so close to being finished (ish).

Time to hit the book shop. Confession: I have recently been listening to audiobooks because they are awesome BUT nothing beats a real life actual book and no audio book app beats a real life independent bookstore.


Robinson’s has an awesome range AND sells gorgeous wrapping paper. The staff are really helpful and when your baby swipes a few badges off the counter and licks them, they just gently remove them from their chubby little fist and keep smiling. Wonderful!

So I did buy a few books here. REAL books which the baby spilt REAL apple juice all over within seconds of leaving the store. But that is the beauty of books! Even when they are all wet you can still read them. If you cannot find a book for every member of your family then surely, SURELY you will find something across the path in the art store.

You know what is a giant pain the neck? Kinder parties. And school parties. And just parties for kids in general. They always come with annoying requests for a disposable plate full of some sort of food for the children. Introducing, Cupcake Queens. (Just inside the doors back into the centre.)

Cupcake Queens was started by a couple when they couldn’t find anyone to make them a cupcake cake for their wedding. Can you believe there was a time when cupcake cakes were not a thing at weddings? Well luckily we no longer live in such a world and it is partly down to these guys starting this gorgeous little Cupcake shop.

How. Cute. Are. These? You can totally lie and pretend you made them. Or tell everyone about Cupcake Queens. Either way they will think you are a genius.

Right. So let’s just take stock of where we are at. Party clothes? Check. School party food? Check. Mermaid Oil? Check. Presents for everyone? Check.

So now it’s time to head back upstairs and let the kids go crazy in that play area. There is method in the madness-we are wearing them out because mama is about to get her own present. So, sleepy kids back in the pram, do a few laps around Henry’s and grab some fresh produce. Stone fruit is in season and berries are always a winner!

Are they asleep yet? YES! Okay, time to go to Chelsea Nails and get your chill on. The Gel Colour dries instantly and lasts for ages! I’ve had mine on for 4 days and there is no chips-they are still perfect.

They have massage chairs there that they imported from the U.S and the owner will give you a chilled bottle of water and you can just relax and enjoy. PLUS if someone gives you a beautiful ring for Christmas, then you can show it off with amazing nails! Winning.


How luscious are these sheets? They’re from Kip & Co which is a brand stocked at Mynd.

So, we are DONE. All finished. Kids are awake, shopping is finished and all you need to do is go and collect your amazingly clean car and get outta here!

If you are feeling the Christmas vibes and want to contribute to the community, then you can do THAT at Bayside too. Chelsea Nails has a box for donations to go to the Frankston Community Centre. This is why I love shopping small and local! So heart warming to see local biz supporting everyone in our community.


You can also donate work clothes to Fitted for Work. This organisation helps women look great and feel confident when going for job interviews. You’ll find them near Endota.

Good work people! You are ready for Christmas. Yay!


Cheat’s Guide to Good Family Food (without the stress & supermarket dashes).

If there’s one thing I dread more than school holidays, readers, hair brushing and finding matching socks it’s thinking of something to cook for dinner EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. I resent meal planning and laugh in the face of shopping lists. I know some people who cook a different meal for each child each night and they don’t even seem mildly insane. This is not me.

By the same token, eating healthily is obviously really important because #scurvy. If this sounds like you then let me tell you about how I have found a perfect mix of convenience cooking without sacrificing health or taste.

Please note that this post was written as part of a collaboration with Marathon. All words and thoughts are my own.

Step one is to find an awesome organic fruit and veg supplier. There are HEAPS of amazing farm gate stores on the Peninsula so you are spoilt for choice if you have the time and inclination to spend some time looking around. I have found one in Frankston South that delivers. Yup. They pack a box full of whatever is in season and like organic food angels, leave it on my door step. Check them out here: The Organic Butler

Screenshot (2)

Step two is purchasing some packs of delicious food from Marathon’s Chef Direct range. They have a shelf life of 12 months from manufacture (if stored correctly) so I just leave mine in the pantry until I am ready to use them.

Step three is to heat up the Marathon product and team it with fresh, organic produce and there you have it! A beautiful family meal. This week, I have made:


Lamb Shanks with organic green vegies and Paris mash.

Who doesn’t love Lamb Shanks? I heat the shanks in the microwave while steaming vegetables and making the mash. Even the bubba eats this one herself!

Build-you-own baked potatoes with organic broccoli, carrot, capsicum, onion and cheese with Marathon Con Carne Mexican Mild Chilli.

The chilli is really mild so it was fine for the kids. They can pick and choose what they add to their potato so minimal whinging. Yay!

We also tried the Beef Meatballs from the Chef Direct range but ate them before I could get a snap. Opps.

Check out everything that is available to you from Marathon by checking out their website here: Chef Direct range from Marathon and stay tuned to our Instagram to see more great meals.

Happy cooking people!



Untamed Flowers

You know how people talk about perks of the job with things like a work car or 10 weeks of holidays or international travel etc? Well my perks as a writer and digital content creator are EVEN BETTER THAN ALL OF THOSE. A few weekends ago I was invited to Villa Floretti – a working flower farm – down in Boneo to participate in a flower workshop with Dawn from Peninsula Wild Flower. I’ve been doing some copywriting for their new website and getting immersed in the natives brings forth sentences from my brain that would otherwise be mixed up in the garbled mess of teething and school pick up.

Let me set the scene. Villa Floretti is this incredible working flower farm filled with fields of natives. Beyond the fields is the sea and to add to the beauty of the farm itself is a barn, a dog called Olive and an onsite cook and flower picker called Richard Barassi who is on a T.V show. It is nothing short of magical with a side of the absurd as Olive greets each visitor with a little too much enthusiasm and the flower fields serve up impossibly beautiful King Proteas.


In our intimate group there were a couple of brides-to-be scoping out potential wedding flowers, one or two aspiring flower arrangers, a curious local and myself. We were accompanied by Dawn the head florist forager at Peninsula Wild Flower and the owner of Villa Floretti, Richelle.


We started the day with a sit down meal cooked by Richard of The Intolerant Cook fame. Chicken, carrots, asparagus and cake. There are only so many words in the English Language for amazing but oh mio dio, it was belissimo. After we’d cried “Salute!” and downed some Italian wine we set off for a guided tour through the flower fields.


By what felt like chance, we eventually came across a table set up in the middle of a King Protea field equipped with buckets and buckets of freshly cut natives, a pair of shears each and a whisper of magic in the air. As we took our places, Dawn expertly guided us through the process of arranging an abundant bouquet. Okay, an aside: Dawn is amazing. You will never meet anyone more humble and she will certainly not blow her own trumpet so let me. Dawn’s talent is almost other worldly. You can see her clear her mind and make working with flowers almost meditative. This woman worked with the Queen. The actual Queen. And did a royal wedding in Madrid. But she is the least pretentious person I know; she just genuinely adores flowers. I know, I want to be her too.


After offering one on one guidance to each participant we tied our bouquets together and headed back to the barn for some handmade chocolates. By this point I was on looking up flower farms for sale and dreaming of a live in chef.


Alas, as I drove home down the sun dappled roads of the Mornington Peninsula the only thing that made returning to real life tolerable was the notion that I would return to the fields for the next workshop.

If you have not already, you MUST check out these classes. Give Dawn a call on 0431 029 345 to find out how you can book yourself in for a day of lusciousness.




DIY Halloween Unicorn Headband PLUS Our Top Secret Trick or Treating Spots

You know what the 31st is right? Halloweeeeen.

Have you got your costumes sorted? If not, do not despair. Here is your DIY guide to making your very own spooky Halloween Unicorn Headband.

Step one is to go somewhere the kids are not. Seriously, babies plus foam cones do not mix (unless you are going for a half eaten zombie unicorn look.) Once the kids are out of the room, run out the door and never come back. Kidding! Once the kids are out of the room take a nap and then get started.

Step two:

Wrap the trimming around the head band, dotting with glue to adhere it along the way. Then, using the band as a guide, cut out your ear shapes. Using the band in this step ensures you have enough of a fold to glue properly. Once you’ve cut your ears, cut and glue some of the black felt to create the inner ear.

Step three:

Paint the foam cone. I gave mine 3 coats to get into all the little bumps (and bite marks.) While it’s drying, glue the ears onto the band and wind your flowers around the band. Play around with the design to see what looks best. Once the cone is dry wrap trim diagonally from top to bottom adhering with dots of glue along the way. The diagonal angle creates a bit of a spiral look for the horn.  Then push some more flowers into the broad end of the cone.

Step four:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Glue your horn into the centre, add a few more flowers and then dance around the garden with your little sister! That’s it folks. A simple and fun custom made unicorn horn for your cheeky trick or treater.

Which brings us to our list of great trick or treating spots on the Peninsula and surrounds:

Frankston: Dalpura Circuit for Halloween decorations and spooky front yards

Frankston North: Lots of over the top decorations throughout (keep this one in mind for Christmas lights too!)

Langwarrin: Pindara Boulevard for trick or treating and yard decorations

Sandhurst: Look for the flyer out the front of each house to see who is participating in trick or treating

Hastings: Spruce Drive for trick or treating.

Mount Eliza: Wimbledom Ave (beside the kinder.) Look for the orange balloons! Also Brooklyn Minute in the village is giving every child a free treat bag.

And don’t forget, there are loads of events happening on the Peninsula which you can read all about here: Halloween on the Mornington Peninsula (plus some simple art and craft to help get your spook on!) or you could always spend the night making a customised donut wall like this one: DIY Halloween Donut Wall.

Of course there’s one place which throws the ultimate Halloween party; all aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines! If you’d like to win a cruise and party like there’s no work tomorrow, visit: Carnival Cruise Giveaway

Happy Halloween!


Halloween on the Mornington Peninsula (plus some simple art and craft to help get your spook on!)

Before you get out to one of the many Halloween activities on the Peninsula, why not enjoy getting in the spooky mood with some art and craft? Here are a few of our favourites:

Top Left: Creepy Rocks.

Have you discovered rock hunting yet? If not, take a look at this post and all will be explained: Rock On. We used Halloween to inspire some creepy rock designs including bats, cats, spider’s webs and more! Nothing says Halloween like orange and black rocks lurking in a garden….Once your kids have had fun with them it is time to hide them around your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to use the secret code on the back so that people who find them can work out what they are all about!

These rocks are also fun to use as story telling prompts. place them all in a bucket and then by fire light, remove them one by one and tell your friends a spooky Halloween Tale. “Once upon a time, there was a black cat called Midnight…..”

Bottom left: Fingerprint Spookies.

Since Mini got a pen-pal this year (cutest thing ever) she has been loving writing letters to people. We used an ink pad to make fingerprints then added googly eyes and wriggly legs to turn them into spooktacular critters. Stickers, sweet message and viola! Your very own Halloween letters.

Right: Cheeky Spiders.

We got pom-poms and pipe cleaners from Kmart and used some left over stickers and googly eyes to make these funny guys. Side note: Most spiders have 8 eyes. How did I only just learn this? We used PVA for the eyes and then just wound 4 pipe cleaners around the pompoms to give them wriggly-giggly legs. Easy.

For a bigger project that your kids will LOVE, don’t forget to check out our post about how to make a Donut Wall.

So now that you are feeling suitably spooky, it’s time to hit a local Halloween event.

halloween celebrations morninton peninsula 2.png

Mt Eliza: Village Pumpkin Hunt. On right now. See if you can spot the pumpkin stickers on all 20 shop/business windows and then find the scary item (either a bat,spider, pumpkin, Frankenstein head or a ghost.) Grab your entry forms from TRISH STAMP TRAVEL, 70 Mt Eliza Way opposite the post office. Free and fun and you could win one of 4 Halloween hampers!

Frankston: Halloween Spooky Adventure Path. Trick or treat at various stores in the Frankston CBD from 30th October to the 4th of November. For the list of stores and more info: Check it out on Facebook.

Karingal: Halloween Spectacular at Karingal Hub. Saturday 28th of October 10am to 2pm. Trick or treat hunt (first 300 kids). Register at Centre Court. Silent disco, craft workshop, face painting. More info here: Halloween in Karingal

Dromana: Halloween Festival & Bonfire. Hillview Community Reserve 191 Boundary Road. Tuesday 31st of October from 6pm to 9pm. Entry with gold coin donation. Marshmallow toasting, apple bobbing, jumping castle and face painting. Halloween themed food available. Costume competition.

Moorooduc: Spooky Weekend at The Big Goose. Saturday October 28th and 29th. All kids are $20 each and adults are $18. (family pass is $66) Games, tractor rides, mini golf etc is all included. Facepainting, pony rides and animal feed bags are all extra. More info on the Big Goose Website

Cranbourne: Fright Night Spooktacular at Cranbourne Racecourse. Saturday 28th 5pm-11pm. Kid’s Spooky Pass for kids aged 2 to 15 years is $29.50 and includes access to live performances, trick or treat bag, rides, workshops, face painting and more. Family pass is $109.50 (1 adult and three kids.) More info here

Mornington/Moorooduc: Little Shop Of Horrors Costumery presents Little Train Of Horrors Halloweekend Spooky Trains. 28th and 29th of October. Mornington Railway:
460 Moorooduc Highway, Moorooduc. Facepainting, treat bags, music and more. Family ticket is $55 for a return ticket. More info:


x Katie

The Mornington Peninsula does Halloween brilliantly and so does Carnival Cruise Line. They are the family friendly go-to when it comes to fun and fabulous cruises.  Want to win one? Here’s your chance! Escape With Carnival


DIY Halloween Donut Wall

Well hello there spooktacular people and welcome to my horrifying Halloween series. During October I’ll be sharing all my Halloween tips and tricks to make your kids scream (with delight.)

First up: The DIY Halloween Donut Wall.

What you’ll need:

1 x peg board (I got mine from Kmart for $29)

Extra length of dowel for additional pegs plus something to cut it with.

Paint colours of your choosing & a drop sheet. We used orange and black.

Painters tape, rollers (one for each colour), paint trays (one for each colour)

Spooky decorations and some donuts!

Step one: Preparation (the boring part.)

Put down your drop sheet and have a play around with the pegs and tape to come up with your design. Wherever the tape is stuck is where white lines will appear. Remember; the amount of pegs equals the amount of donuts that you will be using. On that note…..

halloween donut board 2.jpg

Step two: Cut your dowel (or get someone very attractive to cut it for you) into the same length as the existing pegs.

Look, I am not saying this is the only way to cut a piece of dowel. If you don’t have a wheelbarrow and a death wish then I would suggest using a proper cutting table, vice, hand saw, gloves and some goggles.

Step three: Get painting!

This is really fun. I used a roller for each colour and did two coats. I mentioned to Insta-husband that I could totally go on The Block but he sort of laugh/snorted and assumed I was joking. #whatevs.

Paint each peg the opposite colour to the hole it will be going in to make them stand out.

Once you’ve got your colour on, wait for it to dry and then carefully pull off the tape to reveal your design. Stick in your pegs (remembering to use opposing colours for maximum impact)

halloween donut wall 7

Step Four: Decorate

I covered each exposed hole with a spooky decoration. I didn’t want to permanently fill them in because I am sure I will use the board again and need more than 12 donuts. I used flat felt spookies from Kmart and some sparkly spiders from a two dollar shop.

halloween donut wall 8.jpg

Step Five: Put your donuts on!

We just grabbed some from Woolworths but you could make something really cool if you were so inclined. Next time I think we’ll do our own icing with orange sprinkles or some teeth lollies and that sort of thing. Fun fact: kids don’t really care what they look like, they just want to eat them! This brings us to the sixth step:

halloween donut wall 9

Step Six: Throw a party and eat donuts!

This is the funnest step but also the step that makes you feel a bit sick if you do it a few times.

X Katie

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? I’ve recently learnt that Carnival is the number one cruise line for family friendly fun-including spooky halloween parties. Want to win a cruise with them and join in on the fun? Enter here: Carnival Cruise Competition

3 Mornington Peninsula Coffee Haunts That Are So Convenient, They’re Practically Drive-Thru.

Caffeine equals life. Am I right?

There’s nothing I love more than chilling in a café with a coffee and watching the world go by. But with two kids and those pesky “Don’t leave your kids in the car alone” laws, that is now a rare occurrence. Enter, drive-thru coffee from fast food joints at 8am on the school run. But fear not! You no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience (unless you are a bit hung over and need a hash brown) Try one of the three cute cafes listed here instead and get your caffeine fix stat without having to unstrap the kids.



Cutest coffee cart in the business: Little Olive Café


Little Olive Café Mt Eliza.

Currently located at Eden Garden Nursery in Mt Eliza.

204 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza VIC 3930

6.15am -9am

This coffee cart is as cute as a button and being positioned in a car park makes it perfect for a quick coffee dash. The coffee is great and you can grab a baked treat while you are there.

Hot Tip: You can purchase really cool reusable coffee mugs here. Think ceramic, glazed and arty.


Mornington Peninsula Coffee 1

Coffee convenience in Baxter


Coffee hut outside Tipples Backyards in Baxter

167 Moorooduc Hwy, Baxter VIC 3911

This little spot is literally on the highway so there is no excuse. It sells toasties and is right next door to a petrol station so you can pretty much get all your morning shiz sorted.

Hot Tip: This place has Eftpos. Winning!


Mornington Peninsula Coffee 3

Muffin and a latte at Apple Espresso in Mornington


Apple Espresso at Tully’s in Mornington

630 Moorooduc Hwy, Mornington VIC 3931

Imagine this scenario: You’ve dropped the kids at school and 5 minutes into your drive home the baby falls asleep in the car. Don’t waste your life away sitting in the driveway scrolling Facebook and fearing the transfer wakeup! Head to Tully’s and grab a coffee underneath a pear tree while bubba snoozes a metre or two away (obvi with the windows down and in full view and all those other legal/ethical/perfect-parent-patrol things.)

Hot Tip: If you have time to eat in, head out the back into the courtyard and grab a coffee and cake. Delicious!


Mornington Peninsula Coffee 4.jpg

Apple Espresso at Tully’s in Mornington


Know of any other convenient little coffee stops? Drop them into the comments!


I Just Want To Party

Woah. I tell you what, organising a party for my two kids just about sent me over the edge. I am just not naturally very organised so sorting out the cake, catering, venue, balloons & decorations, games and goodness knows what else I forgot, was stressful to say the least.

Having a party at home is not exactly painless either but I have found a few party businesses that make the organising a breeze.

  1. Pamper party with Relax and Unwind Massage

Photo by Bron at www,

This is perfect for a mummy and daughter day or for preteens/teens. The therapist comes to you and brings everything they’ll need for your party guests to relax and feel pampered. Pedicures, massages, foot soaks and more-this is a gorgeous way to bliss out and spend time together.

Relax and Unwind Massage website

2. Sleep overs with Twilight Teepees.


The prettiest sleepover I ever did see came courtesy of the duo at Twilight Teepees. They set up, pack up and supply all the little touches like dinner trays and cushions. This Boho Lace theme is next level sweet but you can also go with basketball, camouflage and a whole host of other themes. Check them out for a fuss free party. Here’s their Facebook Page

3. Faery Emma

faeryemma (2)

Faery Emma is an actual real fairy. I can tell.

She does shows and markets and, luckily for us, parties! Dancing, face painting and fun, you cannot go past her for a children’s entertainer.

Check out her fairy fabulousness on her Facebook Page

So, next party, I am thinking about organising all three of these businesses to come over and then leaving Insta-Bae here while I go away for the weekend. Perfect!

x Katie