What Should I Write in my Business Blog?

How to come up with content and ideas that your audience will love.

I recently asked a simple question on Instagram stories:

“What stops you from blogging for your business?”

A simple question with many, many lengthy responses! One of the most common themes on the sticker replies was:

How do I come up with good content for my business blog?

I absolutely love this line of thinking because content ideas are absolutely endless AND it shows me that these Instagram followers are not just churning out blog posts for the sake of it. If you’ve ever wondered how to tap in to your target market and write content that people actually want to read, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a few ideas you may not have thought of when generating blog content for business websites.

Don’t let the middle-distance-stare fool you! I find generating blog topics to be super-duper easy!

Do what I did; ask your audience!

First up, identify where you following or community is strongest. This may be on Instagram, like me, or maybe you have a fabulous email list or engaged Facebook group. Wherever your people are, don’t be afraid to just ask them what their pain points are or what they’d like to learn more about. This will give you blog content ideas AND give you hints to help your business plan. Make it really simple by using polls or yes/no questions and don’t forget to acknowledge the answer with gratitude.


For a children’s art teacher who offers small group classes, she could ask:

“How old is your little art-lover?” with the resulting blog post being ‘5 messy art experiences for under 5’s’

Keep your blog topics simple

Don’t assume that people know even the basics when it comes to your subject of expertise. (note to self: write blog post called What is SEO.) While you don’t have to be the go-to expert on your subject, your contribution to a conversation about it will be invaluable to the people who, for whatever reason, need to hear the information from you and only you. Sometimes, less is more so stick to the topic and make is easy for your reader to understand. One topic per blog post, please!


Someone creating post natal products could focus on the first 24 hours after giving birth, breastfeeding or mental health….just not in the same post!

” The First 24 Hours of Motherhood; what to expect” will capture an ideal audience much more effectively then “Giving Birth, Breast Feeding and Signs of PND to look out for.”

My actual hand writing actual words. Behind the scenes stuff should be authentic and relatable.

Behind-the-scenes insights

You’ve heard it all before but the sayings are true-people don’t buy products, they invest in people! Let your audience get to know you by sharing behind the scenes insights and information. Tell people what you’ve learned, explain your processes BUT remember, don’t be that boring person at a party-tell your story but only when it adds value to the listener.


I recently worked with a well-known clothing label on their About section of the website. While interviewing and getting to know them I learned that they travel to China 3 times a year to meet with the family-run manufacturing business that ethically and sustainably produced their pieces. This is a story I would love to read about!

“Why ‘Made in China’ May Not Look Like What You Think it Does”

Get back to basics

Work out who you are talking to. The way you speak and what you speak about depends on you knowing your readers really well. This will impact your writing ‘voice’ and the style of blog posts you writing. Remember year 7 English? Is your blog post intended to story-tell, inform or persuade?


An eco-friendly, low-tox beauty product manufacturer could write a persuasive piece to teens on

“10 ways to save the planet that you should teach your parents” With at least three ways pointing directly to the business with examples of plastic free packaging etc. Get the idea?

What’s going on in their head? In mine: who is cooking dinner, I should have worn a jacket and I need to go to the hairdresser but I have no time.

Get in their heads

Have a think about your product or service. Now, generate a list of 5-10 problems your ae solving for your client with the existence of your offering. There you go! You now have 5-10 blog post topics to use.


I offer copywriting, SEO coaching and workshops. This means I could write blog posts about how outsourcing can save my client’s time (pain point one), generate more traffic and conversions (pain point two) or increase learning by doing it one on one or in small groups (pain point three.) Of course, these blog posts would be value-packed for the reader and would be entitled:

“How to Create Delegate, Outsource & Forget-About-It Lists in Your Biz”

“Need more website traffic? Here’s 3 ways a business blog can help.”

“Attention small business owners; why group upskilling is the new network meeting.”

As you can see, there are many ways to generate content for your blog. If you think some coaching would benefit you (or you just want to get it totally off your to-do list!) then check out my services here: https://missmornipenni.com/writing/

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