3 Ways to Get More Blog Visitors (without a marketing budget!)

Have you ever written a fabulous piece of content and then wondered to yourself “How can I get more visitors to my blog?” Throw in the challenge of getting more blog followers when you don’t have a marketing budget and blogging can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. But, if you are serious about capturing customers who are ready to buy, blogging is essential for small businesses.

It’s easy to feel disheartened when trying to cut through the noise online and get your business in front of your ideal client. Facebook ads, using influencers or running comps can all work when it comes to brand exposure, but what about when it comes to strengthening your position as the go-to expert in your field or converting sales?

Developing a business blog is a great way to connect with your audience and provide additional value to your potential customers. However, creating the content is just part of the equation. Developing a marketing plan for each post will see you getting value out of every word you have written. Here’s 3 ways you can get the most bang for your buck without spending a cent

Create evergreen content

Think about it. When it comes to creating content, writing a 1000-word blog post requires a big investment of your time vs writing an Instagram or Facebook post. So, it makes sense to re-use that blog post as much as you can. Creating evergreen content simply means keeping your content generic enough (while still being value-packed!) that it can be marketed at different times of the year. Instead of spending hours creating a blog post called “Gift Guide for End of Year Teacher Presents” to use once a year, tweak it to a more general “Perfect Gift for Those Hard to Buy for People”. Suddenly, you have a post you can market for father’s day, mother’s day (anyone else get lumped with buying for the mother-in-law?), Christmas time and for your original idea of end of year teacher gifts.

Now comes the fun bit! Marketing that piece of content throughout the year. Just say your gift guide has amazing Keep Cups you stock in your online store. And then, just say plastic free July is coming up. It’s the perfect chance to use the cup as a hook and get people to your site. In this case, you could create a Facebook or Instagram post using a strong image of the Keep Cup with some copy such as “We are so excited to be embracing #plasticfreejuly; these Keep Cups are the perfect way to kick off an eco-friendly month. Check out the range of colours (and some other goodies to spend your tax return on) right here.” Pop in a link and ta-da! Now, keep in mind that the people heading to your post, in this case, are keep to use less plastic so re-read your post with that audience in mind.

Share your post to Facebook groups

You know those (usually annoying) groups on Facebook that have you reading posts about baby-led weaning or someone’s thoughts on Minimalism Vs the Kondo Method? These groups are the perfect place to share you content. This helps in two ways:

  • Sharing your Facebook posts and getting more eyes on it indicates to Facebook that it’s a useful piece of content which in turn means Facebook can confidently serve it up to more people organically.
  • You are likely to get people clicking-either on to your Facebook page or on to your website to read the post.

So, how do you do this without appearing spammy? Well first up, do you research. You want to join groups that have a large volume of people who are in your target market. I once shared a Halloween post featuring a Kmart peg board I’d turned in to a donut wall to a Kmart Hack group and got 800 page views over night. Likewise, 2000 people read my post on Peninsula Hot Springs after I shared it to a group for mums on the Mornington Peninsula with over 15 thousand members.

Join the group and actively participate before sharing your biz post. This will give you a feel for your audience and give you a sense of how business posts perform. Then check their advertising rules and stick to the, closely so you don’t find yourself getting kicked out. You’ll find this info in the pinned post or under announcements. If the rules are not clear, simply message and admin or ask in a post.

Once you’re good to go, press ‘share’ on your original Facebook post and then share to your chosen group. Never dump and run-add a bit of text to your post speaking directly to the group members. Something like “Hey ladies, with Plastic Free July coming up, we can all do our bit in reducing our waste. I use these keep cups every single day and I love that the glass is insulated to keep it hot on the morning school run!”

Swap a link with a site your audience will love

Link-juice. What is it and why is it important? Link juice is an SEO term that refers to the idea that Google assesses sites that lots of other sites link to, as being of high value. Therefore, it’s more likely to serve up that site during searches. Although this is broadly trueish, unless you are getting links from high authority sites on your niche, the value of having a link on someone else’s website is more to do with adding actual value to actual human beings. With that in mind, get in touch with people in a similar space and collaborate to help your customers and clients more than you can do alone. For example, that gift guide could make an excellent addition to a post about National Teacher Appreciation Day by a local blogger. They write their post and say “For some great gift ideas check this out” and link to your site. Then you add their link to the bottom of your post with something like “Think these gift would be perfect for a teacher in your life? Check out this post all about the upcoming National Teacher Appreciation Day.”

Again, link building can get a little murky with go follow links, no follow links, DA and PA scores and broken links actually hurting your SEO so, only share, link and post when it makes sense for your reader.

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