Smashing Out Back to School Lunches

School holidays are hard right? But often they are not as annoying as making another. school. lunch. It’s a necessary evil though, I am afraid, so we may as well make the most of it and enjoy the parts of it that we can! For me, this means lovely, easy to clean lunchboxes and fast and healthy recipes.

For lunch boxes, Smash has got you covered! They sent me (free of charge cos I am a lucky duck) their range that is available at Big W.

First up is this glittery extravaganza. Perfect for a preppy who needs a little extra bling to get them through those first nervous weeks. It has two sections so is ideal if your little one gets confused between lunch and recess. Sequins are a big part of our lives so this lunch box was naturally absorbed in to our beach picnic/park play/grandparent visit repertoire.

BPA free, lined with antimicrobial lining so no mould or mildew issues.

Next is our all time favourite for Mini-the Bento Switch Up. We love this because of all the different sections. Mini usually packs her own lunch and having a one item per section guideline ensures that the whole lunch box isn’t just filled up with corn chips. By the way, these bliss balls are SO DELICIOUS. They’re from Meredith Gaston’s book Wellbeing which has recipes for lots of easy things to pop into a lunch box for kids and adults alike.

Dishwasher safe and insulated!

Who is excited to be getting back to work now that school is going back? Meeeeee! Despite what my Instagram feed would have you believe, I do actually work a few days a week. These two are perfect for a day of meetings or for Dylan to take to work with him. Stylish with a sense of sophistication. I love these ones!



This range also has great drink bottles which we tried out. As I write this post, both kids have taken theirs our with them so I can’t give you a pic. Sorry! Em’s clips on to her bag which is a life saver and Mini’s glows in the dark which, for a 7 year old, is the coolest thing ever.

Take a look next time you are in Big W or check out the full range here: Smash Enterprises

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