A Little Bird Told Me….Review of New Peninsula Business: The White Pigeon Said.


The Mornington Peninsula seems to inspire the most beautiful products. Whether it’s the beachy landscape, relaxed lifestyle or our connection with marine life and the National Park, when people create on the Peninsula, it is often with a mindfulness of our natural surroundings.

And it is no different when it comes to newly launched business, The White Pigeon Said. If you are into products that are 100% natural, toxin and cruelty free and are handcrafted right here from sustainably sourced raw ingredients, then you will LOVE what The White Pigeon Said is offering.

We tried three products (F.Y.I We were gifted these products to try) over the last month of so: Soothe It, Rescue My Face and Feed Your Skin.

Whitepigeon1.jpg Soothe it does exactly what it says on the jar; soothes it! We used it on Em’s face when she had scratches from a fall and I used it on a scratch I had UP MY NOSTRIL. I know, the perils of living with a toddler.

It feels like a balm and because it is 100% natural I felt okay about using a bit extra as a lip balm etc. No stinging, just soothing!

whitepigeon3 Rescue My Face was my favourite of the three products. You can mix the powder with water or yoghurt (I used coconut yoghurt) depending if you want a thinner mask or one with a more nourishing feel. I felt like my whole face just drank it in and I had zero irritation or redness afterwards which is a first for my sensitive skin.

whitepigeon2This body bar, made with Shea, is really luscious. Feed Your Skin pops up like a lip balm so application is easy and mess free. I used it on some dry skin on my shins and I noticed an improvement almost immediately.

All the products are biochemist formulated and I could definitely tell that there was a balance of ingredients to create a beautiful mix of healing elements with a gorgeous feel (and smell!)

With Christmas just around the corner, these products would be a gorgeous gift for sun-loving people who need a bit of skin-love. A great way to support small, local business and to treat yourself or someone else. Take a look a the website for more info: The White Pigeon Said

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