Inspired Hiking on the Mornington Peninsula

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a  hike through the Mornington Peninsula National Park. I’ve actually never visiting this sprawling forest so the simple Baldry’s Circuit Walk was the perfect introduction. Don’t worry, I already have a list of other parts of the park I would like to visit; Bushranger’s Bay, the beach caves and Picnic Point just to name a few.

spray point
Spray Point Boardwalk. It’s on my list! Photo from the Parks Victoria Website.

The best part about this hike, aside from the forest bathing I did on a gorgeous Spring morning, was that it was an Inspired Hike-a workshop designed and delivered by Life Coach, Julia Matherson. Julia greeted me with a hug and explained the way the morning would run-a little hiking, a little indwelling- before we set off on our hike into the trees.

inspired hike fern We stopped periodically to meditate, fill in our workbooks and do bush wees. The pace was slow enough that we could still chat (during the portions that we were not practicing silent walking meditation) but challenging enough that we had to focus on the moment so as not to fall in to a hole (I was 95% successful with this.) It was an amazing balance of physical mindfulness in an environment of trees, unfurling ferns and trickling rivers.

inspired hike river The inner work we undertook was gentle and creative. We looked at our intention for the season of Spring and all of the habits and practices that were no longer serving us that we were willing to release. Then we did a gorgeous meditation on our ideal life, ten years from now. What it looks like, feels like, who is there, what we’re doing, all the details of an ideal life not encumbered by the restraints of finances, time etc. I was relieved to find my husband was hanging out in my massive house in my fantasy, surrounded by framed, poster-sized covers of my best selling books. There was also a pool and a balcony that if you sat on carefully, you could touch sand with your toes as waves crashed into the shore. Oh and stand up paddle boards made an appearance too (note to self, learn SUPing in next 12 months.)

Julia answered all our questions and handed out apples and protein balls as kangaroos hopped past and the sun rose over the tree tops.

inspired hike workbook There were tears. There was laughter. There was much writing and resonance and hugging as we deep dived and shared our thoughts. 3 hours of walking and talking and reflecting and we excavated all the big things and all the small things that were swimming in our minds in the soup of every day thoughts, the mundane and our conditioned reactions. It may sound heavy but the hike was just a toe dip. The real work starts now-with the knowledge that we discovered at the top of the hill.

inspired hike selfie

An amazing bunch of women!

If you’d like to learn more about these hikes or book in for next one, take a look a Julia’s website. The November hike is being co-hosted by MP Kickass Collective and will be a great opportunity to connect with other Morn Pen based biz owners.

24 hours on and I have already implemented some changes. Made the phone calls, researched the microphones, worked out a budget. This hike has given birth to my next exciting venture: The Miss Morni Penni Podcast. Stay tuned for the launch!

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