I Wore Period Undies For a Week and This is What Happened.

When I say I wore period undies, I am not talking about my old, grey underpants that us ladies typically pull out when it’s that time of the month. You know the ones-they’re comfy and worn and we don’t mind if they get ruined and end up in the bin.

Just looking out to sea and wondering why so many ads for pads and tampons feature women looking thoughtful or skipping along the beach. 

No. I am talking about the new wave of undies by Modibodi. They’re just like regular undies but they have superpowers because when you wear them, you don’t have to wear tampons or pads.  On that note, can we just get the ick factor out of the way? Period, pads, tampons, blood, discharge, wee-wee, sweat. There. Better.

FYI: This post is sponsored by Modibodi. All opinions, words and periods are my own.

Ever since I saw Modibodi undies being modelled by the gorgeous and hilarious and talented Rosie Waterlands, I have been so intrigued. Are they magic? Full of witchcraft? Vampires? (sorry, gross.) How do they make the blood disappear? And while I don’t really know the scientific answer, I do know that after a week of wearing them, I will NEVER buy another pad.

Photo of Rosie in her undies sourced from http://www.modibodi.com

Right, let’s get mega personal. My uterus is shaped like a love heart. It’s true. I found out when I was a teenager because I had very heavy periods and lots of cramps. So as a result, my relationship with Mrs Flow has always been a bit strained. There was a time in my twenties when we fell in love again as I was so happy to see her every month but I must say, having a 9 month break for each of my pregnancies was pretty cool too. After having the girls my periods were really heavy for the first few months after finishing breastfeeding but I reckon as of a couple of months ago, I have normal-heavy periods. Just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, I digress. I wore a combo of the Classic and Sensual over the five days because I like having options when it comes to underpants.

Classic Bikini from http://www.modibodi.com

How they felt: Both were true to size and comfy. I read some reviews beforehand about tight waist bands but I found that they fit exactly like a regular pair of knickers. The first couple of days were a bit weird. Like….I guess I kept thinking “Fuck! I forgot to wear a pad!” but then I would remember and relax (and be super conscious that something was happening in my pants.) After a couple of days I didn’t think about it at all.

How they looked: I wore black ones so they looked like normal undies to me. To be honest, no one is really looking at my crotch while I have my period so I am not sure why I am even writing this paragraph. Does it look like a nappy? No. Doesn’t it look slightly bulkier than sheer undies? Yes.

How they worked: Look, I  feel like the answer here has something to do with bamboo, wicking and cashmere. Blood would go on them and then it would basically disappear. Exactly like a pad-you knew it was there but it felt dry and absorbed. I am going to go out on a limb here and just say it. I think they’re better than pads. As in, I think the overnight ones offered better protection (not from the boogie man, from the period monster.)

Washing: Have you ever seen that shower scene out of the movie Psycho? Well that is what happened on day one to me. For some ludicrous reason I thought I’d just rinse them in the shower with me. You know, multitask #mumlife. A few seconds after the water hit them I realised my error. Although they appeared to be normal undies, they actually contained a horror-movie amount of my blood. From then on I followed the instructions and rinsed them in a sink like a normal person then threw them in the wash with my clothes. Before you ask, no, my clothes didn’t come out stained in blood and yes they were clean as a whistle.

Where I wore them: To the gym, to bed, on a train, in blue jeans, presenting a workshop, doing a dance, to a Pilates session, during a nap, in my new car.

Did they leak? I kid you not, they didn’t leak once. Not even overnight (I wore overnight ones which were brilliant because the padding stuff  was high at the front and back. I meditate laying down on my back because I am lazy but even then didn’t leak as my whole….lady garden…..was surrounded by the good stuff.)

Sensual. Photo sourced from http://www.modibodi.com

This most important bit: Guess how many tampons the average woman uses in a lifetime? FOURTEEN THOUSAND. That is a shit load of land fill and will cost you about 5 grand for the privilege. The senate voted to lift the tax on pads and tampons a couple of months back which may reduce the price but even so, economically and environmentally, this is a no brainer. Plus, Toxic Shock Syndrome, cancer causing dioxins, bleach inside your vagina or against your vulva etc. Writing this I actually do not know why I used tampons and pads for 20 years. Maybe because this kind of product just wasn’t available.

Which leads me to my final point! I have daughters. They watch me on the toilet. God knows why, but bless their little souls, they are obsessed with me. When the nightmare of puberty starts in this household (Bye Dyan! It was nice knowing you!) I want the girls to see period undies as the norm-for the sake of their health, the environment and just to generally move into an awareness and connection to their bodies. So here’s to role modelling and teaching them in the best way I know how-showing them how it’s done.

To purchase your own period undies, go to www.modibodi.com. 

I suggest buying a bundle pack so you don’t have to wash and dry each night. Let me know how you go!


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  1. Ermagod! I’m soooo happy to be reading this! I’ve been looking at Modibodi for a little bit but I have so many questions. I’m the chick who in high school would have to wear a night time pad just for the length. Like you know, when you sit on the wrong angle (ok probs bad posture, let’s be honest) and leakage freakage happened out the back…onto a white chair. Sooo….are we good in that department, coz I really want these to be amazing?! Ta in advance x

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