Out of This World Stationary

There’s something about a clean and tidy desk that makes me feel a million times more productive than usual. And nothing makes sorting out my home office more inspiring than a brand new range of stationary!


This gorgeous Neo Galaxy range will be available in Big W stores from 15th of July 2018. I was lucky enough to get an early release to review. Here are my favourite items from the range.


I love daily planners and to-do lists. The little sticky notes are perfect for adding into a diary or calendar and the weekly organiser has 13 spaces per day to ensure that you won’t miss a thing. All done in purples with the gorgeous galaxy print throughout. Oh, and check out the paperclip! It comes in a set with planets, stars and moons. So cool!


Talking of cool, check out these note books and document folders. I love the constellation cover the best. I’m always taking notes in meetings and on the go so the more note books I have the better! Mini has already stolen a couple of these. She quite likes to make her own to-do lists with her own agenda. But that’s another post altogether….

SMASH5 I got into the habit of using inboxes and outboxes when I worked as a function coordinator a few years ago. Nothing beats being able to physically see your work load move from one tray to the other. These ones from the Neo Galaxy range are so dreamy; they’re light but strong.

The big binders would be perfect for any kid of project planning. I am using mine to store art work and treasures (love letters) from the kids.


More gorgeous covers in space inspired colours. That would have to be my favourite part of the range actually-that it is grown up enough to appeal to adults but I can imagine tweens and teens being keen to get their hands on these too.

Are you a stationary addict too? What’s your must have item?

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