New Café Alert! Saucery Café in Frankston.

Remember when Frankston was not that cool? I do. As young adults my sisters bought a property together in Funky Town and I thought they were crazy. 20 years later and I am Frankston obsessed! They were the smart (and rich) ones while I only just jumped onto the property market a couple of years ago and paid approx. 17 times more for my first home.

The more time I spend in Frankston, the more cool bars, boutiques and niche cafes seem to pop up. And this week, I have a super-cute one to share with you all!


First up, let’s talk about the food. Because #important.

I had the risotto as pictured and my dining companion had some croquettes from the display section. Prompt table service from a friendly staff member and our meals were really delicious. Perfect thing to have on a wintery day in Melbourne.

But that’s not where it ends. This café has board games to choose from so you can spend an afternoon drinking great coffee and enjoy people watching out of the large street facing windows.

Sidenote: Have you played Mastermind lately? My six year old absolutely kicks my bum with it! I think she might be a mind reader. Would certainly explain how she keeps tricking me into letting her have chocolate. She sneakily chooses all the same colour pins when one would think a 6 year old would choose rainbow colours. Why is she smarter than me? I’m scared.

Talking of kids, there is also a gorgeous little activity nook lit up with fairy lights with colouring-in picture and pencils. Now this is the real test as to how committed a new café is to making parents feel welcome. Are the pencils actually sharp or will parents be pestered by their kids because they’re trying to draw with a blunt pink texta and a broken crayon? I am happy to report that all drawing implements were not only in tact but of good quality. It’s the little things.s4

Kids and adults menu all looked great too. Reasonably priced!


Next time you are in Frankston, check it out. You will not be disappointed.

HOT TIP: If grabbing a coffee, purchase another one to pay forward to someone else. Saucery has a coffee card system that makes it easy to pay for 2 and leave a card there for the next person (or someone who needs warming up on these wintery days and cannot afford it.)

Find Saucery café at 7a Thompson St, Frankston or search @saucerycafe on Instagram

While you’re in Frankston, visit the Karingal book exchange. Free books for everyone! Learn more here:Karingal Book Hub

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