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When I first moved to the Mornington Peninsula area a couple of years ago, I obsessively followed a gorgeous blog called Marvellous Mornington Peninsula. It’s author, Emma Currie, would blog about everything from wineries with playgrounds to day spas to where to buy the most beautiful blooms. She seemed to intuitively respond to exactly what I needed in my life!

I stalked her on Insta and when I finally met Emma in person at a blogger’s meet up, I was absolutely delighted to find that she is one of those rare people who is as beautiful in real life as she is on her blog.

Fast forward several months and in addition to writing her blog, working, raising a toddler and spreading Peninsula love on Instagram, Emma has launched Mornington Peninsula Wine Club- an open invitation to women to get together and connect with like minded people.

I sat down with Emma on the weekend and picked her brain about her why. This was going to be a formal Q and A session but, as always, once we got chatting it turned into a long convo so I will sum up the key points as best I can!


Emma Currie, founder of Mornington Peninsula Mums Wine Club. Photo by Tamlyn Patterson Photography


It came as a surprise to me to learn that Emma can feel just as reserved and shy as the rest of us when it comes to meeting new people. The wine club was born from a desire to meet new mums and have some time out. That may have been where it started but since the first meet up in March 2018, it has evolved into something much bigger.

Maybe it’s because it’s obvious that this is a passion project. Maybe it’s because each meet up raises money for MSFIN (which you can learn more about here). Maybe it’s because small businesses recognise the value in sharing the love with dozens of locals and so supply awesome raffle prizes. Or maybe it’s just because Emma has tapped into a need for all of us to connect and engage. Whatever the reason, the club has gone from strength to strength over the last few months.

I, personally, have gone to each and every event. I love meeting locals and chatting to people about what they’re up to and what’s happening on the Peninsula. Highlights for me would have to be hearing Meredith Gaston (author/artist) talk about her take on wellness, meeting some lovely ladies I have only formally connected with via Insta and doing a flower-crown making workshop while drinking local wine at Mercetta in Mornington.


Amanda Dark, Emma Currie and Katie Jones at the first Mornington Peninsula Wine Club event. Photograph by Tamlyn Patterson Photography


As you can see, each event is different. Guest speakers, raffle draws, workshops, informal group dinners; there’s even a pop up shopping night at Commonfolk Coffee coming up in June which is set to be epic. There will also be a Prosecco Van there! There really is something for everyone.

The July event is set to take place at beautiful Stumpy Gully Winery. I am so excited for that one as I have never been before and it’s been on my list for ages.

The best part (I think) is that tickets reflect the price of food and a glass of wine. No mark up. This is not a profit making exercise, it is truly something Emma does because she is a legend! The other great part is that you can come to one per year or all of them. There’s no membership; you just purchase your ticket for whatever event you want to go to.

So, have there been surprises along the way?

Emma says yes. “I have been surprised by how many ladies come along solo. It takes a lot of courage and I really admire them for that. Being a mum can be an isolating and bewildering experience. This offers women a chance to make new friends and I love making them feel special. Every woman deserves that.”

See! That’s why I love her so much. Such. A. Gem.

But don’t just take my word for it! I asked some locals why they decided to bite the bullet and come along to an event. Here’s what they had to say:

“I wanted to attend the wine night dinner because I wanted to meet people like me. I’m always keen to support local and I just wanted to get out of my comfort zone and meet people I wouldn’t necessarily get to meet in my day to day life. I feel like there are so many amazing women who I want to meet and chat with and this is a great opportunity for me to do that” says Karina (you can find Karina on Instagram here as @locallovin_morningtonpeninsula )

“There’s always such a great atmostphere at the MP Mums Wine nights!” says Lauren (who you can find on Insta here as @mpmade_scene_eat)

“The crown workshop was such an eye opener that we all need to take time out of our busy schedules to focus on us and our creative side. What a wonderful experience to learn how to make flower crowns with a lovely supportive group of women. Come as a group or come on your own, Emma makes sure everyone feels like they have been friends forever and when you throw in a glass of wine and great food it’s such a winner!” says Malene (find her on Insta here as one half of the @twotravellingplanners.)

“MPM Wine Club is such a great concept. I love connecting with amazing and talented local ladies on the Peninsula and checking out new places. The guest speakers always make sure it’s also about self development which I love. And wine, did I mention wine?” says Julia (you can find her on Insta as @mumsgottatravel here)

If you would like to learn more about the Mornington Peninsula Wine Club or would like to purchase a ticket for an upcoming event, visit www.marvellousmp.com/

While you are there, take a look around her blog. I promise you that you’ll learn something new and be inspired to explore this beautiful place we call home.

Thanks for chatting with me Emma! And thank you for giving me a reason to put on lipstick once a month!

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