Surviving Head Lice: How to Prevent Them and What to do When Your Child Gets Them

A few weeks into the school term and it has already happened. The HEAD LICE ARE BACK alert has been delivered into the inbox of each and every parent at my daughter’s school. Cue 700 kids scratching their heads and twice as many parents feeling something creepy and crawly up the back of their own necks.
FYI: This blog post has been sponsored by NeutraLice. Post concept and words are my own.
I understand the panic. I do. This is why:

IMG_7473 (1).JPGMini has amazingly curly locks and as much as I love her masses of ringlets, the idea of having to brush it, let alone comb it gives me conniptions. We got through prep unscathed which I put down to a few things:

  • Always putting her hair up for school. Check out Pinterest for cut hairstyles. Plaits, buns, whatever, as long as it is up.
  • School hat lives in a locker or a school bag and not in a big old pile with everyone else’s.
  • Hair spray. Sounds weird but it keeps loose hair from becoming like a swinging vine for little Tarzan lice

Despite your best efforts though, a case of head lice is probably something you are going to have to tackle sooner or later. But fear not, when I noticed a couple of suspect looking dots on Mini’s hair I treated it with NeutraLice and it was much easier than I anticipated.IMG_8858 (2)First of all I just put the lotion on Mini’s dry hair. I made sure it was absolutely saturated so none of the tiny beasts could escape the apocalypse. The first thing I noticed was that it doesn’t have that awful chemically smell that I remember from my own childhood.

IMG_8862 (2)Once her hair was covered I rubbed it into her scalp. Apparently, lice like to hang out behind the ears and near the neck so it’s always good to give those areas a bit of extra attention. We then let it soak in and do its thing for 10 minutes. Note: Mini has HEAPS of hair and we used about a third of the bottle during this treatmentIMG_8864

Then came the bit that I was dreading: the combing. However, not one single tear was shed in the combing of Mini’s hair! Totally different to my own experiences but maybe this formula is just different compared to what was on the market 30 years ago? Or maybe as the third girl in my own family my parents had zero patience when it came to combing out nits. Look, I am not saying that I have deep trauma from those weeknight combing sessions back in 1988 but let it be known that in grade three my mum took me to a hairdresser and had ALL my hair cut off because I refused to let her brush it. My older sisters told me I was a boy and frankly, I have been preoccupied with my hair ever since. So as a result, I am always very gentle with Mini’s scalp and I am happy to report that it remained intact throughout this process. Unlike my love for my sisters #neverforget
Okay, childhood trauma aside, once it was combed through we rinsed out the lotion and dried Mini’s hair with a towel. I put in some conditioning foam to soften it and then gave it another brush for good measure.

IMG_8883 (2)There you have it. One lice free head ready to face another day of grade one.
It is important that you do a follow up treatment one week and two weeks after the initial treatment to be sure that they are gone for good. Trust me, every other parent at your child’s school will thank you for following the instructions!
What we liked about this product:


  • Mild smell. It actually reminded me of glazed cherries.
  • Quick and easy to use. Took only slightly longer than a usual hair washing session
    Suitable for sensitive skin. Mini is quite a rashy kid and her skin was a-ok with this treatment.

Hot Tip: Because lice spread so enthusiastically, it’s a good idea to treat everyone in the household at the same time. This product is suitable for adults and children (over the age of 6 months.)
For more info on NeutraLice products head to their website here:
We purchased this product from a Priceline pharmacy and it is available in most pharmacies.
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.


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