Mornington Pier. The perfect place for a walk after dinner on the Mornington Peninsula.

Have you taken a walk down on the Mornington Pier lately? We went the other night and it was seriously beautiful. There were people fishing, the tour boats were coming back in and as the sun dipped down and the heat went out of the day we realised that we were in the perfect spot on the Mornington Peninsula for an evening stroll.


And there are so many great spots on Main Street to enjoy your dinner before your walk. I’ve recently been to Mi Mexico and Bronx Napoli 1999 and they were both seriously delicious. You basically cannot go wrong.

IMG_8673 (2)

We were not the only ones enjoying the beautiful evening.


What’s your favourite place to enjoy dinner and a walk on the Mornington Peninsula? Drop it into the comments and let me know. X

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