The Life Changing Magic of Stay-cationing on the Mornington Peninsula

Staying home for the school holidays? Me too! I actually love spending time at home and Insta-Bae is all about renovating our home while he has time off from renovating other people’s homes. (He’s currently noisily building a pantry while the baby naps and I am trying not to complain.) No packing, flights, currency conversion or shots; it is such a stress free way to spend the Christmas break.

Don’t let the fact that you are on home soil deter you from enjoying everything you would normally enjoy while on vacation. Here’s a few ideas to get you started and I bet you will come up with many more yourself (if you do, drop them into the comments so other’s can benefit from your creativity!)

  1. Explore your home town as though you are a tourist.


You can even take corny photos! This one is lemon-squeezy if you live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula as there is always something new to discover. To make it even easy-peasier, I’ve created a couple of hashtags so you can search Instagram for inspo. #MMPvisits will show you activities all over the Peninsula. To explore a specific suburb, use #MMPvisits and then add the name of the suburb (for example, type in #MMPvisitsMornington. If you want to see posts from our adventures in that particular suburb in your Instagram feed on an ongoing basis, you can even follow the hashtag on Instagram the same way you would follow an account. Simples!

Also check out The Penny Saver voucher book for discounts on all sorts of Morn Pen adventures!

2. Have a manicure/pedicure at home with the kids.


Massages and manicures are two of my fave things about travelling to places in South East Asia. But we have been recently enjoying these at home which is cheaper and also feels less exploitative.  Bo- Po sent me some of their brush on, peel off nail varnish which is perfect for kids as it requires no varnish remover to get it off.  I’ll be doing another giveaway for Bo-Po on Instagram in early 2018 so stay tuned! Or check out their range here

3. Fake-away.


Like takeaway but you cook it at home for 1/4 of the cost! Eating Thai, Mexican and Indian cuisine helps add to the illusion that you are on an International holiday. Plus shopping at Farmer’s markets or farm gate stores is so much fun.

Hopefully that’s given you  good start!

Have fun! x

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