Cheat’s Guide to Good Family Food (without the stress & supermarket dashes).

If there’s one thing I dread more than school holidays, readers, hair brushing and finding matching socks it’s thinking of something to cook for dinner EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. I resent meal planning and laugh in the face of shopping lists. I know some people who cook a different meal for each child each night and they don’t even seem mildly insane. This is not me.

By the same token, eating healthily is obviously really important because #scurvy. If this sounds like you then let me tell you about how I have found a perfect mix of convenience cooking without sacrificing health or taste.

Please note that this post was written as part of a collaboration with Marathon. All words and thoughts are my own.

Step one is to find an awesome organic fruit and veg supplier. There are HEAPS of amazing farm gate stores on the Peninsula so you are spoilt for choice if you have the time and inclination to spend some time looking around. I have found one in Frankston South that delivers. Yup. They pack a box full of whatever is in season and like organic food angels, leave it on my door step. Check them out here: The Organic Butler

Screenshot (2)

Step two is purchasing some packs of delicious food from Marathon’s Chef Direct range. They have a shelf life of 12 months from manufacture (if stored correctly) so I just leave mine in the pantry until I am ready to use them.

Step three is to heat up the Marathon product and team it with fresh, organic produce and there you have it! A beautiful family meal. This week, I have made:


Lamb Shanks with organic green vegies and Paris mash.

Who doesn’t love Lamb Shanks? I heat the shanks in the microwave while steaming vegetables and making the mash. Even the bubba eats this one herself!

Build-you-own baked potatoes with organic broccoli, carrot, capsicum, onion and cheese with Marathon Con Carne Mexican Mild Chilli.

The chilli is really mild so it was fine for the kids. They can pick and choose what they add to their potato so minimal whinging. Yay!

We also tried the Beef Meatballs from the Chef Direct range but ate them before I could get a snap. Opps.

Check out everything that is available to you from Marathon by checking out their website here: Chef Direct range from Marathon and stay tuned to our Instagram to see more great meals.

Happy cooking people!



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