DIY Halloween Unicorn Headband PLUS Our Top Secret Trick or Treating spots on the Mornington Peninsula

You know what the 31st is right? Halloweeeeen. And no one does Halloween quite like the Mornington Peninsula (apart from every town in America but ya know what I am saying.)

Have you got your costumes sorted? If not, do not despair. Here is your DIY guide to making your very own spooky Halloween Unicorn Headband.

Step one is to go somewhere the kids are not. Seriously, babies plus foam cones do not mix (unless you are going for a half eaten zombie unicorn look.) Once the kids are out of the room, run out the door and never come back. Kidding! Once the kids are out of the room take a nap and then get started.

Step two:

Wrap the trimming around the head band, dotting with glue to adhere it along the way. Then, using the band as a guide, cut out your ear shapes. Using the band in this step ensures you have enough of a fold to glue properly. Once you’ve cut your ears, cut and glue some of the black felt to create the inner ear.

Step three:

Paint the foam cone. I gave mine 3 coats to get into all the little bumps (and bite marks.) While it’s drying, glue the ears onto the band and wind your flowers around the band. Play around with the design to see what looks best. Once the cone is dry wrap trim diagonally from top to bottom adhering with dots of glue along the way. The diagonal angle creates a bit of a spiral look for the horn.  Then push some more flowers into the broad end of the cone.

Step four:

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Glue your horn into the centre, add a few more flowers and then dance around the garden with your little sister! That’s it folks. A simple and fun custom made unicorn horn for your cheeky trick or treater.

Which brings us to our list of great trick or treating spots on the Peninsula and surrounds:

Frankston: Dalpura Circuit for Halloween decorations and spooky front yards

Frankston North: Lots of over the top decorations throughout (keep this one in mind for Christmas lights too!)

Langwarrin: Pindara Boulevard for trick or treating and yard decorations

Sandhurst: Look for the flyer out the front of each house to see who is participating in trick or treating

Hastings: Spruce Drive for trick or treating.

Mount Eliza: Wimbledom Ave (beside the kinder.) Look for the orange balloons! Also Brooklyn Minute in the village is giving every child a free treat bag.

And don’t forget, there are loads of events happening on the Peninsula which you can read all about here: Halloween on the Mornington Peninsula (plus some simple art and craft to help get your spook on!) or you could always spend the night making a customised donut wall like this one: DIY Halloween Donut Wall.

Of course there’s one place which throws the ultimate Halloween party; all aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines! If you’d like to win a cruise and party like there’s no work tomorrow, visit: Carnival Cruise Giveaway

Happy Halloween!


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