DIY Halloween Donut Wall

Well hello there spooktacular people and welcome to my horrifying Halloween series. During October I’ll be sharing all my Halloween tips and tricks to make your kids scream (with delight.)

First up: The DIY Halloween Donut Wall.

What you’ll need:

1 x peg board (I got mine from Kmart for $29)

Extra length of dowel for additional pegs plus something to cut it with.

Paint colours of your choosing & a drop sheet. We used orange and black.

Painters tape, rollers (one for each colour), paint trays (one for each colour)

Spooky decorations and some donuts!

Step one: Preparation (the boring part.)

Put down your drop sheet and have a play around with the pegs and tape to come up with your design. Wherever the tape is stuck is where white lines will appear. Remember; the amount of pegs equals the amount of donuts that you will be using. On that note…..

halloween donut board 2.jpg

Step two: Cut your dowel (or get someone very attractive to cut it for you) into the same length as the existing pegs.

Look, I am not saying this is the only way to cut a piece of dowel. If you don’t have a wheelbarrow and a death wish then I would suggest using a proper cutting table, vice, hand saw, gloves and some goggles.

Step three: Get painting!

This is really fun. I used a roller for each colour and did two coats. I mentioned to Insta-husband that I could totally go on The Block but he sort of laugh/snorted and assumed I was joking. #whatevs.

Paint each peg the opposite colour to the hole it will be going in to make them stand out.

Once you’ve got your colour on, wait for it to dry and then carefully pull off the tape to reveal your design. Stick in your pegs (remembering to use opposing colours for maximum impact)

halloween donut wall 7

Step Four: Decorate

I covered each exposed hole with a spooky decoration. I didn’t want to permanently fill them in because I am sure I will use the board again and need more than 12 donuts. I used flat felt spookies from Kmart and some sparkly spiders from a two dollar shop.

halloween donut wall 8.jpg

Step Five: Put your donuts on!

We just grabbed some from Woolworths but you could make something really cool if you were so inclined. Next time I think we’ll do our own icing with orange sprinkles or some teeth lollies and that sort of thing. Fun fact: kids don’t really care what they look like, they just want to eat them! This brings us to the sixth step:

halloween donut wall 9

Step Six: Throw a party and eat donuts!

This is the funnest step but also the step that makes you feel a bit sick if you do it a few times.

X Katie

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