DIY Halloween Unicorn Headband PLUS Our Top Secret Trick or Treating spots on the Mornington Peninsula

You know what the 31st is right? Halloweeeeen. And no one does Halloween quite like the Mornington Peninsula (apart from every town in America but ya know what I am saying.)

Have you got your costumes sorted? If not, do not despair. Here is your DIY guide to making your very own spooky Halloween Unicorn Headband.

Step one is to go somewhere the kids are not. Seriously, babies plus foam cones do not mix (unless you are going for a half eaten zombie unicorn look.) Once the kids are out of the room, run out the door and never come back. Kidding! Once the kids are out of the room take a nap and then get started.

Step two:

Wrap the trimming around the head band, dotting with glue to adhere it along the way. Then, using the band as a guide, cut out your ear shapes. Using the band in this step ensures you have enough of a fold to glue properly. Once you’ve cut your ears, cut and glue some of the black felt to create the inner ear.

Step three:

Paint the foam cone. I gave mine 3 coats to get into all the little bumps (and bite marks.) While it’s drying, glue the ears onto the band and wind your flowers around the band. Play around with the design to see what looks best. Once the cone is dry wrap trim diagonally from top to bottom adhering with dots of glue along the way. The diagonal angle creates a bit of a spiral look for the horn.  Then push some more flowers into the broad end of the cone.

Step four:

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Glue your horn into the centre, add a few more flowers and then dance around the garden with your little sister! That’s it folks. A simple and fun custom made unicorn horn for your cheeky trick or treater.

Which brings us to our list of great trick or treating spots on the Peninsula and surrounds:

Frankston: Dalpura Circuit for Halloween decorations and spooky front yards

Frankston North: Lots of over the top decorations throughout (keep this one in mind for Christmas lights too!)

Langwarrin: Pindara Boulevard for trick or treating and yard decorations

Sandhurst: Look for the flyer out the front of each house to see who is participating in trick or treating

Hastings: Spruce Drive for trick or treating.

Mount Eliza: Wimbledom Ave (beside the kinder.) Look for the orange balloons! Also Brooklyn Minute in the village is giving every child a free treat bag.

And don’t forget, there are loads of events happening on the Peninsula which you can read all about here: Halloween on the Mornington Peninsula (plus some simple art and craft to help get your spook on!) or you could always spend the night making a customised donut wall like this one: DIY Halloween Donut Wall.

Of course there’s one place which throws the ultimate Halloween party; all aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines! If you’d like to win a cruise and party like there’s no work tomorrow, visit: Carnival Cruise Giveaway

Happy Halloween!


Halloween on the Mornington Peninsula (plus some simple art and craft to help get your spook on!)

Before you get out to one of the many Halloween activities on the Peninsula, why not enjoy getting in the spooky mood with some art and craft? Here are a few of our favourites:

Top Left: Creepy Rocks.

Have you discovered rock hunting yet? If not, take a look at this post and all will be explained: Rock On. We used Halloween to inspire some creepy rock designs including bats, cats, spider’s webs and more! Nothing says Halloween like orange and black rocks lurking in a garden….Once your kids have had fun with them it is time to hide them around your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to use the secret code on the back so that people who find them can work out what they are all about!

These rocks are also fun to use as story telling prompts. place them all in a bucket and then by fire light, remove them one by one and tell your friends a spooky Halloween Tale. “Once upon a time, there was a black cat called Midnight…..”

Bottom left: Fingerprint Spookies.

Since Mini got a pen-pal this year (cutest thing ever) she has been loving writing letters to people. We used an ink pad to make fingerprints then added googly eyes and wriggly legs to turn them into spooktacular critters. Stickers, sweet message and viola! Your very own Halloween letters.

Right: Cheeky Spiders.

We got pom-poms and pipe cleaners from Kmart and used some left over stickers and googly eyes to make these funny guys. Side note: Most spiders have 8 eyes. How did I only just learn this? We used PVA for the eyes and then just wound 4 pipe cleaners around the pompoms to give them wriggly-giggly legs. Easy.

For a bigger project that your kids will LOVE, don’t forget to check out our post about how to make a Donut Wall.

So now that you are feeling suitably spooky, it’s time to hit a local Halloween event.

halloween celebrations morninton peninsula 2.png

Mt Eliza: Village Pumpkin Hunt. On right now. See if you can spot the pumpkin stickers on all 20 shop/business windows and then find the scary item (either a bat,spider, pumpkin, Frankenstein head or a ghost.) Grab your entry forms from TRISH STAMP TRAVEL, 70 Mt Eliza Way opposite the post office. Free and fun and you could win one of 4 Halloween hampers!

Frankston: Halloween Spooky Adventure Path. Trick or treat at various stores in the Frankston CBD from 30th October to the 4th of November. For the list of stores and more info: Check it out on Facebook.

Karingal: Halloween Spectacular at Karingal Hub. Saturday 28th of October 10am to 2pm. Trick or treat hunt (first 300 kids). Register at Centre Court. Silent disco, craft workshop, face painting. More info here: Halloween in Karingal

Dromana: Halloween Festival & Bonfire. Hillview Community Reserve 191 Boundary Road. Tuesday 31st of October from 6pm to 9pm. Entry with gold coin donation. Marshmallow toasting, apple bobbing, jumping castle and face painting. Halloween themed food available. Costume competition.

Moorooduc: Spooky Weekend at The Big Goose. Saturday October 28th and 29th. All kids are $20 each and adults are $18. (family pass is $66) Games, tractor rides, mini golf etc is all included. Facepainting, pony rides and animal feed bags are all extra. More info on the Big Goose Website

Cranbourne: Fright Night Spooktacular at Cranbourne Racecourse. Saturday 28th 5pm-11pm. Kid’s Spooky Pass for kids aged 2 to 15 years is $29.50 and includes access to live performances, trick or treat bag, rides, workshops, face painting and more. Family pass is $109.50 (1 adult and three kids.) More info here

Mornington/Moorooduc: Little Shop Of Horrors Costumery presents Little Train Of Horrors Halloweekend Spooky Trains. 28th and 29th of October. Mornington Railway:
460 Moorooduc Highway, Moorooduc. Facepainting, treat bags, music and more. Family ticket is $55 for a return ticket. More info:


x Katie

The Mornington Peninsula does Halloween brilliantly and so does Carnival Cruise Line. They are the family friendly go-to when it comes to fun and fabulous cruises.  Want to win one? Here’s your chance! Escape With Carnival

Want to find out more about having fun with kids on the Peninsula? Check this out! Brambles Berry Farm in Langwarrin |Cheap & Cheerful Family Fun


DIY Halloween Donut Wall

Well hello there spooktacular people and welcome to my horrifying Halloween series. During October I’ll be sharing all my Halloween tips and tricks to make your kids scream (with delight.)

First up: The DIY Halloween Donut Wall.

What you’ll need:

1 x peg board (I got mine from Kmart for $29)

Extra length of dowel for additional pegs plus something to cut it with.

Paint colours of your choosing & a drop sheet. We used orange and black.

Painters tape, rollers (one for each colour), paint trays (one for each colour)

Spooky decorations and some donuts!

Step one: Preparation (the boring part.)

Put down your drop sheet and have a play around with the pegs and tape to come up with your design. Wherever the tape is stuck is where white lines will appear. Remember; the amount of pegs equals the amount of donuts that you will be using. On that note…..

halloween donut board 2.jpg

Step two: Cut your dowel (or get someone very attractive to cut it for you) into the same length as the existing pegs.

Look, I am not saying this is the only way to cut a piece of dowel. If you don’t have a wheelbarrow and a death wish then I would suggest using a proper cutting table, vice, hand saw, gloves and some goggles.

Step three: Get painting!

This is really fun. I used a roller for each colour and did two coats. I mentioned to Insta-husband that I could totally go on The Block but he sort of laugh/snorted and assumed I was joking. #whatevs.

Paint each peg the opposite colour to the hole it will be going in to make them stand out.

Once you’ve got your colour on, wait for it to dry and then carefully pull off the tape to reveal your design. Stick in your pegs (remembering to use opposing colours for maximum impact)

halloween donut wall 7

Step Four: Decorate

I covered each exposed hole with a spooky decoration. I didn’t want to permanently fill them in because I am sure I will use the board again and need more than 12 donuts. I used flat felt spookies from Kmart and some sparkly spiders from a two dollar shop.

halloween donut wall 8.jpg

Step Five: Put your donuts on!

We just grabbed some from Woolworths but you could make something really cool if you were so inclined. Next time I think we’ll do our own icing with orange sprinkles or some teeth lollies and that sort of thing. Fun fact: kids don’t really care what they look like, they just want to eat them! This brings us to the sixth step:

halloween donut wall 9

Step Six: Throw a party and eat donuts!

This is the funnest step but also the step that makes you feel a bit sick if you do it a few times.

X Katie

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? I’ve recently learnt that Carnival is the number one cruise line for family friendly fun-including spooky halloween parties. Want to win a cruise with them and join in on the fun? Enter here: Carnival Cruise Competition

3 Mornington Peninsula Coffee Haunts That Are So Convenient, They’re Practically Drive-Thru.

Caffeine equals life. Am I right?

There’s nothing I love more than chilling in a café with a coffee and watching the world go by. But with two kids and those pesky “Don’t leave your kids in the car alone” laws, that is now a rare occurrence. Enter, drive-thru coffee from fast food joints at 8am on the school run. But fear not! You no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience (unless you are a bit hung over and need a hash brown) Try one of the three cute cafes listed here instead and get your caffeine fix stat without having to unstrap the kids.


Cutest coffee cart in the business: Little Olive Café

Little Olive Café Mt Eliza.

Currently located at Eden Garden Nursery in Mt Eliza.

204 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza VIC 3930

6.15am -9am

This coffee cart is as cute as a button and being positioned in a car park makes it perfect for a quick coffee dash. The coffee is great and you can grab a baked treat while you are there.

Hot Tip: You can purchase really cool reusable coffee mugs here. Think ceramic, glazed and arty.

Mornington Peninsula Coffee 1

Coffee convenience in Baxter

Coffee hut outside Tipples Backyards in Baxter

167 Moorooduc Hwy, Baxter VIC 3911

This little spot is literally on the highway so there is no excuse. It sells toasties and is right next door to a petrol station so you can pretty much get all your morning shiz sorted.

Hot Tip: This place has Eftpos. Winning!

Mornington Peninsula Coffee 3

Muffin and a latte at Apple Espresso in Mornington

Apple Espresso at Tully’s in Mornington

630 Moorooduc Hwy, Mornington VIC 3931

Imagine this scenario: You’ve dropped the kids at school and 5 minutes into your drive home the baby falls asleep in the car. Don’t waste your life away sitting in the driveway scrolling Facebook and fearing the transfer wakeup! Head to Tully’s and grab a coffee underneath a pear tree while bubba snoozes a metre or two away (obvi with the windows down and in full view and all those other legal/ethical/perfect-parent-patrol things.)

Hot Tip: If you have time to eat in, head out the back into the courtyard and grab a coffee and cake. Delicious!

Mornington Peninsula Coffee 4.jpg

Apple Espresso at Tully’s in Mornington

Know of any other convenient little coffee stops? Drop them into the comments!

Coffee sorted, now it’s time to organise dinnet. Check out Red Gum BBQ = OMG.

I Just Want To Party

Woah. I tell you what, organising a party for my two kids just about sent me over the edge. I am just not naturally very organised so sorting out the cake, catering, venue, balloons & decorations, games and goodness knows what else I forgot, was stressful to say the least.

Having a party at home is not exactly painless either but I have found a few party businesses that make the organising a breeze.

  1. Pamper party with Relax and Unwind Massage

Photo by Bron at www,

This is perfect for a mummy and daughter day or for preteens/teens. The therapist comes to you and brings everything they’ll need for your party guests to relax and feel pampered. Pedicures, massages, foot soaks and more-this is a gorgeous way to bliss out and spend time together.

Relax and Unwind Massage website

2. Sleep overs with Twilight Teepees.


The prettiest sleepover I ever did see came courtesy of the duo at Twilight Teepees. They set up, pack up and supply all the little touches like dinner trays and cushions. This Boho Lace theme is next level sweet but you can also go with basketball, camouflage and a whole host of other themes. Check them out for a fuss free party. Here’s their Facebook Page

3. Faery Emma

faeryemma (2)

Faery Emma is an actual real fairy. I can tell.

She does shows and markets and, luckily for us, parties! Dancing, face painting and fun, you cannot go past her for a children’s entertainer.

Check out her fairy fabulousness on her Facebook Page

So, next party, I am thinking about organising all three of these businesses to come over and then leaving Insta-Bae here while I go away for the weekend. Perfect!

x Katie