Rock On

Have you caught the rock hunting bug?

We discovered this cool outdoor activity through the Moongala Community House. The concept is simple:

  • paint a rock
  • hide the rock
  • find some painted rocks that others have hidden.

The handy Facebook page (VIC ROCKS) is a great help in seeing where the rocks have been hidden (rock drops) and for the finders to share their discoveries in the hopes that the original hider will see the post. The VIC ROCKS Facebook page has almost 10000 members so you will be sure to find someone painting and hiding rocks somewhere near you.

Here are our favourite spots to hide and seek:


Beauty Park: Spring Street, Frankston.

This park has a playground, lake, plenty of trees and even a little bridge. Heaps of places to search for hidden treasure. In the Summer, the park transforms into Little Beauty Market. Interested? You can read all about that here.

Beauty Park, Frankston. The perfect spot for a rock drop.

We found one of our very first rocks here (pictured above.) Mini re-hid it and was thrilled when it reappeared the next day on the Facebook page having been found again by another little person.



Mornington Beach Park: Bottom of Main St, Mornington.

This park has an awesome wooden playground and plenty of space for the kids to move around. We absolutely love the big trees (perfect for hiding under in the rain) and the best part is that it’s just a short stroll from one of our favourite cafes; Soul Press.


So many spots to hide your painted rocks.

We found a few rocks here on a rainy day and loved spotting the painted tree stumps too.


McClelland Gallery: 390 McClelland Dr, Langwarrin VIC 3910

This is just hands down one of our favourite places to visit. It has all the factors that make it a great day out with the kids; free of charge, space to run around and not boring for parents. Winning! We came across this beauty after an afternoon of searching. Mini fell in love with is and has kept it on her bed side table ever since. If she ever finds a new favourite, we will swap it out.

rockdrop8.jpg The sculpture park is huge so it would be a good idea to leave a clue for the finder when hiding your rocks. Even a bit of faux grass or a monkey’s face in the background will give them a hint!

We are really spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor play spaces for kids. Check out our fave park here.

Where are your best rock drop spots? Have your found a painted rock on your travels?

Happy hunting! x




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