Win a pair of limited edition Bobux custom shoes!


***This competition is now closed***

Have you discovered Bobux? There is so much to love about these shoes but what you are going to really love is that we are giving away a pair of limited edition custom shoes THIS WEEK.

What Mini loves about hers: Mini had a ball colouring in all the different animals with the accompanying set of Textas. She loves that she can wipe off any ‘mistakes’ (hello, five year old perfectionist!) and begs me to let her wear them to school. Luckily, there is a free dress day coming up so all her dreams are about to come true. She also loved walking through puddles on the weekend and watching some of the colour rinse off. The best thing? Once you wipe off the Texta, you can colour them in all over again!

What I loved: As a mum, I love anything that makes me slightly more redundant so I dig the quick and easy on and off-ness of a Velcro shoe. They keep Mini entertained for ages and I set a new world record in only having to ask her ONCE on Sunday to put her shoes on (normally we hit 5-6 times before I threaten to leave the house without her.)

You know what else I love? That these shoes really suit Mini’s sense of style and my own preoccupation with attempting to create a gender neutral household. P.S It’s not working but I am giving it my best shot. They also have a breathable cotton lining so no stinky feet.


For your chance to win a pair of limited edition, custom Bobux shoes check them out on the Bobux website. Once you’ve had a look,  come back and let me know in the comments which cartoon animal design you think your little one would like to colour in first. Easy!

To stay up to date with all things Bobux and to be in the know about their Spring/Summer launch, follow them on Facebook here: Bobux Facebook and Instagram here: Bobux Instagram

Open to residents in New Zealand and Australia-Bobux will cover the postage.


31 thoughts on “Win a pair of limited edition Bobux custom shoes!

  1. panda 🐼 although tbh, mr 3 would get excited and scribble everything in the same colour in the first 30 seconds so he could get them on his feet and tell everyone that will listen ‘look, look at my feet! I drawed this! Look!’ Love this, what an awesome comp 😊 Have just moved to the area and discovered your blog, getting lots of inspiration of things to do and explore. Thanks! X

  2. Miss 6 going on 16 would do the unicorn first for sure, Mr 3 would draw one line on the shoe then drop the pen ‘mic drop’ style

  3. My son would love to colour unicorn 🦄 first and he will make sure that the colour stays inside the lines so that his unicorn looks extra pretty .

  4. My son would love to colour in the Lion. When I was pregnant we had two names picked out and when he was born the midwife said he entered the world ‘with a roar’… ! Straight away we knew we must call our little boy…Leo 🦁☺ X

  5. The owls are amazing!!! Love, love, love them. Would definately put a smile on my 3yr olds face 🙂

  6. My son Alexander has been affectionately been called Alexpanda from day one. Due to his ‘panda’ nickname he is now quite drawn to them.

    He also takes drawing VERY seriously! (Totally adorable)

    I noted that the panda is wearing what looks to be a Firefighter’s suit! That would be attacked with a red texta in an instant! Weee ooo weee ooo!

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