Current Peninsula Obsessions

There is such an abundance of amazing small businesses, wineries, products and produce on the Pen that I find myself constantly distracted by something beautiful, delicious or clever. In an attempt to capture and share some of the things we love, I give you our top five Peninsula things for Winter (or for this week at least.)

One: Winter mushrooms and toadstools.

McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park

I am sure that people think I am looking for magic mushrooms when they see me traipsing through bushland and snapping pics of the fungi. I just think they are so gorgeously and perfectly formed. Also, fairies. And they seem to be everywhere at the moment.

Sweet Water Creek, Frankston South.

Two: Hanging out with my Girl Squad alllll over the Peninsula.

Ranelagh Club, Mount Eliza

Seriously, how good are your gal-pals? This group of women are all SO different, in fact it makes no sense that we are all in love with each other, but it just WORKS. The honesty, energy and bloody good laughs that happen when we hang is worth its weight in gold. Love them.

Brass Razu, Mornington.

Also, Hanging with this squad 5% of the time makes hanging with my other girl squad 95% of the time more bearable.


Wine also helps this situation. Peninsula Picnic 2017

Three: Talking of wine……Stonier Wines in Merrick.

It has a playground, people. Need I say more?

Oh look, a photo of Insta-husband and definitely not a photo of Matty. J.

Plus Merricks General Wine Store is just across the path.

Merricks General Wine Store

Four: Coffee from Little Olive Café coffee cart

Little Olive is currently parked in the car park of Eden Nursery in Mount Eliza. All the convenience of a drive through coffee but GREAT coffee! The owner, Kerrie, is an absolute delight and makes the school run something to look forward to rather than dread. Winning!

Five: Mini’s little hands. Okay this is a bit weird but as Mini grows, she is really changing from a baby into a HUMAN BEING. She’s so tall now and in between writing her teacher letters and telling me I am “ridiculous” she is just changing before my very eyes. But her hands still have some of the toddler-ness to them. They still fit in my fist when we cross the road and I just want to remember them this way forever.


P.S This cookie from Delightful Temptations was out of control


Please believe in wishes forever my sweet girl.

Are you starting to understand why I am so scatter brained most of the time? I am sure by next week I will have another handful of obsessions so stay tuned!



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