Peninsula Date Nights or How Not To Get Divorced Post Children.


Kids are great aren’t they? With their constant whining and whinging and demands for sugar and attention. You know what they are especially good at inspiring? #romance.

Joking aside, parenting is a bloody relentless gig. Sometimes I look at Insta-Husband while he is asleep next to me and one or the other kids is screaming/crying/scratching my face and I really do wonder if it’s possible to kill someone then have then come back to life just so you can kill them again.

Luckily, my folks live in the next suburb so when I am feeling particularly like I will NEVER have SEX with him EVER AGAIN if he KEEPS ARGUING WITH ME about the F****** dishwasher then I can call my parentals and promptly lock in a date night.

Here’s some suggestions for fun date nights to remind you that the person you are married to is not a useless T***, they are just as tired as you (even though that’s not even possible but whatevs. Maybe I am just better at life than him.)

Date night 1:

Arthurs Seat Eagle.


Trapped in a gondola so you have no choice but to interact with each other. Winning! When we went, we were lucky enough to do a twilight flight. They provided yummy dinner and a cosy blanket and we watched the stars come out which was pretty spectacular. I did drop soup all over myself because I am really coordinated but Insta-husband helped me clean it up which endeared him to me so I guess it was the perfect date. Plus:


Have a look at their website here.

Date Night 2: Escape Rooms.


Sorry, I just need to have a picture of Matty J involved when I am talking about this much romance. Anyway.

If there’s one thing I will say about my marriage it’s that’s we are good in a crisis. You don’t fall pregnant 4 months after meeting one another while still technically being married to other people while one of you is on a Tourist Visa without learning how to work as a team. Vomiting kid at 3am? Easy! Being made redundant 3 days before your second child is born? Simples! Moving country twice in 12 months? Walk in the park!

That’s what makes Escape Rooms the perfect date for us. Also, I am going to say it, watching Insta-husband solve problems is kinda hot. It’s nice to see each other do stuff outside of the norm. If you have not done an escape room then check out the new one that has opened in Frankston. I have not been yet so if you go, tell me how it was! Their deets are here:  Excape Frankston.

Date night 3: Thursday Night Pizza and Bathe at Peninsula Hot Springs


Okay, okay, I know I never shut up about the hot springs but I really love it there! And hanging with Bae while eating pizza and wearing bathers makes you feel like you are on honeymoon. Their website is a bit difficult to navigate so check out their Thursday night deal here: Pen Hot Springs Pizza and Bathe

So there you have it folks. Sure beats dinner and a movie. Enjoy!

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