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Growing up, my mum worked at the local paper so we were always the back up models for a news story that needed a last minute photo. Exploring the rock pools in Ricketts Point? Sure! Posing in the school uniform shop at the start of term? Of course! And having access to professional photographers meant that we’d have candid shoots in the backyard with our kittens or moody black and white headshots as tweens or even strange beach shoots where we all wore black t-shirts and had out-of-control eye brows.

I realised recently that Mini is five years old and we had NO professional photographs. Half of me was like “Let’s do it!” and the other half was like “But my tired face!” That’s where beautiful Natalie from Glow Makeup Artistry came to the rescue.

Natalie is new to the Peninsula but brings with her a wealth of hair and makeup experience. When she offered to do my hair and makeup for a special event, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to book in for family pics.

What’s so funny? I haven’t slept in 7 months.

FYI: I received free hair and makeup for the family photo shoot from Glow Makeup Artistry. This review is all my own words and was my own idea. Just so ya know!

Natalie was on time (I was late) really professional and is just one of those people who knows what they are doing. She moved confidently through the process of transforming my head into something presentable and put me at ease with a bit of a chat about kids, life and the Mornington Peninsula.

Flower Crown by Fleur and Dahlia

I think on this occasion, I don’t even need any words because her work really does speak for itself.

Please move in with me Natalie. I need you every morning.

Our shoot took place over several hours with two highly annoying children who are inconveniently not professional models or professional at staying still. It was outdoors and I did worry that my hair would frizz up and my lip stick would come off but whatever Natalie did, it worked.

What sorcery is this? Amazing hair all day.

So over all, I would recommend Glow to anyone who asked. I’d also use Natalie again if ever I get to leave the house and do something fun like be a bridesmaid. Let’s look at more pics of my cute/annoying family.





Thanks Natalie for being so good at your job and helping us to create these beautiful shots. You can find her on Instagram righhhhht here and she can fill you in on her rates etc.

Okay, here’s one more photo:

So cute. But can you sleep through the night for crying out loud??

Hair and Makeup: Glow Makeup Artistry

Photographer: Of Life Photography

The girls wear clothes from She and Little in Mornington (supplied.)

My dress is from ASOS

Insta-Husband bought his own clothes. No idea where they’re from.

Flower Crowns by Fleur and Dahlia (supplied.)

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