Thursday Nights at Peninsula Hot Springs

Is there anything the Peninsula Hot Springs cannot do? I have enjoyed Hen’s days, date nights, family swims and a hilarious afternoon with my mum in the Spa Dreaming Centre. I always leave refreshed and feeling like I have had a massage. Even on the days where I have not had a massage.

But when we headed down for a Thursday night pizza and bathe session, I knew I had found my soul mate. It has quickly become our go-to girl’s night; the perfect setting for spilling our secrets (never our wine) and comparing notes on work, partners, kids, crisis and Matty. J.

“As long as Matty. J marries one of us then it will be okay.”

The best part is, it only costs $40 AND THEY GIVE US PIZZA. I went along last week with my sister and lovely friend. This time 6 years ago the three of us were eating dinner at Monsieur Bleu in Paris, watching the sun go down and the Eiffel tower light up. People, this was even better.

Better than Paris.

We relaxed with our unshaven legs under the cover of darkness then jumped into the freezing plunge holes (what are the really called? Cold-dip? something like that) and stood under the massage showers blissing out on warmth and minerals. The pizza and bathe nights run from 7pm-10pm which means tired mamas can feel like they have had a night out and still feel great the next day. (Okay, ‘great’ may be too strong of a word. Let’s go with ‘semi-normal’.)

“Is there a porcupine in the pool or is that your leg?”

We finished off the night with a visit to the sauna and then some dancing while the bather’s dryer did it’s thing.

The $40 Thursday pizza and bathe doesn’t run during school holidays (the madness!!) But if you want to book for during term time, do it now.

You. Are. Welcome.


Look cute between pools with a robe from Bendon. This one is on sale!


FYI: This article contains an affiliate link to Bendon. If I ever make a dollar, I will spend it on coffee.

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