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The school holidays are almost upon us. I can hear the collective whimpering of mothers and fathers and other carers across the state as they prepare their already paper thin patience for the whinging, whining and general irritation which is 24/7 with kids.

I asked my mum recently how she bought up three kids without any of us going off the rails. Her advice was to “let them out.” I do recall spending the majority of my childhood up a tree or on a shed roof trying to fly and I’m not on any illegal drugs so maybe she is on to something. So with that philosophy in mind, may I present three outdoor activities for free in Frankston these school holidays (or any time the kids are making you cray):

1. Geocaching.


Before we go any further, if you don’t know what Geocaching is, click here. It’s basically a treasure hunt and there is treasure hidden in the Frankston Botanic Gardens! All you need is an app (it may cost a couple of dollars to get the advanced caches for the gardens but there’s plenty around Frankston on the free version) and away you go. This is a good cache to go for if it’s your first time. Plus you can enjoy the playground, see the ducks and if you get hooked on Geocaching, you can make your way to Sweetwater Creek to find another one!


2. Frankston Foreshore Flag Puzzle


Did you know that the flagpoles on Frankston Pier hold a secret message? Neither did I until I went fishing with Insta-Husband and Mini one day and got SO  BORED that I discovered this cool little titbit.  It’s made up of 22 letters and is perfect for preppies who are learning to read or older kids who think that they know everything.

While you are on the foreshore, don’t forget to check out the sculptures and free art. You can find out more about this here. Also, be sure to visit the playground to get rid of some of that wonderful energy.


Frankston Beach


3. Go nature foraging at Beauty Park.


Frankston is so lucky to have some of the best outdoor spaces in Melbourne. Have you been to Beauty Park recently? Home to the amazing Little Beauty Market it is a perfect piece of picturesque parkland. You can enjoy the play equipment, see the ducks in the huge pond or have a go on the outdoor exercise equipment (again, get rid of all the energy. Do you notice a theme here?)


Once you have done everything on our Three For Free list do not panic. You still have a few more options up your sleeve for free stuff to keep them busy:

Visit the free book exchange in Karingal. More details here.

Find out which playground we think is Frankston’s best here.

Or, discover the wealth of free street art in Frankston. To get you started, click here.

So there you have it. Loads of free and fun activities to help keep you sane this school holidays. Have something to add? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Good luck people. See you on the other side…..

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