Brilliant Bianca


Bianca, a jewellery maker from Mount Eliza, is not your average 16 year old.

Talented, creative and original, this teen not only has the drive to succeed in her chosen field, she also possesses the gratitude and grace that will see her keep her balance in the business world.

“I love Gorman” she tells me “I’d love to work in New York and draw inspiration from the street fashion there. But I could also see myself studying Art and Design after high school. Or moving to Holland to work on a family fashion label.” Whatever path she chooses, she will be taking years of experience along for the ride.









Bianca started the market circuit at just 12 years of age and quickly found her favourite in the Emu Plains Market.

“Everyone is just so supportive. The organiser, Vanessa is so encouraging and positive. The other stall holders have given me tips; it’s just such a great environment to be in.”

She makes sure to mention those that have helped her along the way. With mentors like Kaitin, creator of Koa, Chloe McColl, Kate Macindoe and Emily Dornbusch on the list, it is easy to see why Bianca loves surrounding herself with creatives.

Mini had a couple of questions for Bianca and she was only too happy to answer them.

M: How do you make the jewellery?

B: I use polymer clay. When it is baked it hardens and holds its shape. Once cooled I can drill holes to attach tassels or thread the necklace in.

M: What was the first thing you made?

B : I made my mum a necklace for mother’s day using Sculpty and then, over time, I refined the design.

M:  Where do you do your art work?

B: I am lucky enough to have a small studio at home that I can work in. When I am in the studio I find that art making becomes almost meditative. It calms any anxiety I may be experiencing and I find it very therapeutic. My mum has always encouraged me and she also uses the studio to paint.


It is easy to forget that this artist is still in high school. When I press her for details of when I can expect a website or online store she tells me she is content with market stalls for now.  She does, of course, have classes  Monday to Friday.

Before we finish our conversation, I can’t resist asking her what we can expect in fashion for the reminder of 2017. She does, after all, spend her free time browsing Pinterest and Instagram to keep her finger firmly on the fashion pulse.


“Metallics and glitter” are her predictions. And you know what? I believe her.

You can find Bianca’s Shop at the upcoming Little Beauty Market in Frankston on both March 25th and April 22nd or check out more of her creations on her Instagram page here

All images used throughout this post come courtesy of Bianca and her mum. Please don’t republish without permission. Thank you.






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  1. Wow what a clever young lady, so creative way to go Bianca
    How lucky you are to be able to do something you love!

  2. Hi Bianca. Keep an eye out on the Mt Eliza Art and Design Show Facebook page or instagram for online submissions of interest, we’d love to have you along this year. The Art Show is held the last weekend of October.

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