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Practicing self love, as a mama, is so important. But it is also so hard to prioritise in amongst the white noise of school pick up, pumpkin stains and the daily trimming of precious minutes to yourself. I practice micro self love moments. For me, this looks like 5 minute meditations, baths with Epsom salts, foot massages, new nail polish…you get the idea.

I have recently discovered a gorgeous local online business: Peninsula Wellness Store. Owner/Operator Carissa is in her final year of studying naturopathy and has recently added her own creations to her store. She very kindly sent me a couple of complimentary products to try out.


They were packaged beautifully and each product came with a little swing tag with printed instructions and ingredients. And look at those gorgeous sticky labels. Pretty! I love a bit of bohemian branding.

The Bite Ease roller blend smells good enough to wear as perfume. Seriously. It’s amazing. And the roller top makes application easy for dramatic five year olds who are claiming to have bites but who secretly just like the smell.


Easy roll on application

Does it work? It seemed to. It felt like a gentle antiseptic.

The Face Serum smelt beautiful too with the lemon and orange essential oil blend (amongst other oils.) I loved that I could use it on my hands without a greasy feeling. I even used it to give myself a foot massage and it was divine!


“I don’t want to be an Instagram Husband’ Said Insta Husband as I forced him to take this photo over my shoulder.



Overall, the Peninsula Wellness Store offers you a chance to take time out and be kind to yourself. The treat for your senses -the smell and the soothing application- feels like a mini luxury. I think we could all do with a bit of that!

To learn more about this wonderful Mornington Peninsula business, take a look at their website here:

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