Now It’s Time For Something a Little Different

When I was invited down to Mount Eliza to visit Peninsula Endermologie to receive a complimentary Endermologie treatment I was slightly apprehensive. Would it be a clinic with nurses in white coats? Did it involve needles and stretched skin? Would the waiting room be full of women with perfect eye brows? But when I mentioned to my sister that I was considering having a facial treatment she growled “Do it” so enthusiastically that I quickly accepted the offer.

Beautiful Niamh outside Peninsula Endermologie

Before we go any further, I can hear you asking “Miss Morni Penni, what are you even talking about? Nice brows by the way.” Well this picture will explain things approximately eleventy billion time better than I can with words:

And so will this:


What does it actually feel like? Well to be honest, it kind of felt like a baby trying to feed from my face but with no dribble. A gentle suction sensation that left my skin feeling warm. Niamh (pronounced Neve for those wondering) and I chatted throughout the treatment about Paleo diets, the NBN, parenting, writing, collagen and life in general. Before I even looked in the mirror my spirits felt lifted by Niamh’s warmth. She’s a gem!

The results: This type of technique is an ongoing process but I definitely noticed a difference in my skin after one treatment. I sneakily took note of any compliments I received over the coming week to see if anyone else would see a difference.

“How’s the baby’s routine going? You look fresher!” -School Mum (the baby’s routine has gone to pot FYI. Teething, solids, life)

“You look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep” -My Mum (No mum….no. Baby. So tired.)

“Your skin looks great!” -Lovely Friend (over cocktails. May have been a  bit drunk.)

So in conclusion, would I continue having Endermologie treatments? I am not 100% sure. Probably not right now. Niamh did tell me a couple of times how great my skin is (love her.) I’m turning 36 next month so ask me again in 12 months.

If I did decide to have it again, would I choose Peninsula Enermologie? Definitely.

Would I pay good money just to hang out with Niamh and chat? Yes! She’s awesome.

The other thing I should mention is that I have very reactive skin – I often break out when using new cosmetics or shampoo. Because this doesn’t involve products, my skin loved it and I just got refreshed skin with no rash or breakout. Yay!

For more info on how to get in touch with Niamh, check out her Facebook Page or her website.


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  1. Aww. Such a pleasure chatting with you too Katie. My we did cover a lot of topics didn’t we? On your next visit, I promise to let you relax a little more! X

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