Bee a better person with Bee Glad Eco Wraps

I never knew how limited in creativity I was until I started making school lunches. How many ways can I chop a carrot and slice an apple? And how many different swear words can I come up with when the lids to all the containers fail to come home? The answer to one of these is ‘2’ and the answer to the other is ‘several’. I’ll let you guess which is which. So when Bee Glad kindly sent me some Eco Wraps to try out for free, I knew my lid finding woes were over!


The pack we got came with three varying sizes (genius) and each size came in a different print so they’re easy to recognise at a glance when you’re tired and running late for school.

Even the packaging is compostable!

You can learn more about the process of how these beauties are created by checking out Bee Glad’s Instagram account here.

We used all three every day for a week and miracle of miracles, they came home each and every day. A quick wipe down and they were ready for the next day. Carrots, apples, sandwiches, baked treats, nothing was too awkward for these babies. That’s because the warmth of your hands moulds the wrap to the shape of your food. Huh! So cool.


So, overall, these were a big YES in our household.

But something else started to happen during our first week of using the Eco Wraps. Having daily awareness of the amount of plastic I was no longer using made me more conscious overall about waste.

So I bought a reusable straw one day when I was ordering a juice. (Bee Glad sells these too I have since discovered.) It even came with a little cleaning brush.

Who even am I?

Then I found myself ordering a reusable takeaway coffee cup from KeepCup. And always making sure I had my glass water bottle with me because disposable plastic water bottles are ridiculous.

Keep Cup for the win! Click on this affiliate image to be redirected to Amazon to buy your own.


And then I even started considering getting a few cloth nappies before I remembered that the laundry is already out of control with all the clothes in there. So now I’m having a garage sale on the weekend because it seems ridiculous to have SO many clothes.

It’s these small changes which can lead us to a more mindful way of conducting our routine activities. That makes ‘going through the motions’ feel more connected. I won’t say that I look forward to making school lunches now but I definitely hate it a little less.

Find out everything you need to know about how to take the first step to being a better human by checking out the Bee Glad website

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