Piccolo & Peony, minimalism and motherhood.

Since I decided to declutter my entire house while having some sort of mid-life crisis following the introduction of Bee Glad Eco Wraps into my orbit I have tried to be really mindful of no longer bringing pointless possessions into my house. Just when I was on the verge of Kondoing the joy out of everything IContinue reading “Piccolo & Peony, minimalism and motherhood.”

Three For Free in Frankston

  The school holidays are almost upon us. I can hear the collective whimpering of mothers and fathers and other carers across the state as they prepare their already paper thin patience for the whinging, whining and general irritation which is 24/7 with kids. I asked my mum recently how she bought up three kidsContinue reading “Three For Free in Frankston”

Peninsula Wellness Store

Practicing self love, as a mama, is so important. But it is also so hard to prioritise in amongst the white noise of school pick up, pumpkin stains and the daily trimming of precious minutes to yourself. I practice micro self love moments. For me, this looks like 5 minute meditations, baths with Epsom salts, footContinue reading “Peninsula Wellness Store”

Now It’s Time For Something a Little Different

When I was invited down to Mount Eliza to visit Peninsula Endermologie to receive a complimentary Endermologie treatment I was slightly apprehensive. Would it be a clinic with nurses in white coats? Did it involve needles and stretched skin? Would the waiting room be full of women with perfect eye brows? But when I mentioned toContinue reading “Now It’s Time For Something a Little Different”

Bee a better person with Bee Glad Eco Wraps

I never knew how limited in creativity I was until I started making school lunches. How many ways can I chop a carrot and slice an apple? And how many different swear words can I come up with when the lids to all the containers fail to come home? The answer to one of these is ‘2’ and theContinue reading “Bee a better person with Bee Glad Eco Wraps”