Free Art In Frankston

Frankston is cool.

Gone is the stigma of even just a few years ago. With the average price for a four bedroom house in Frankston hitting half a million dollars in February 2017, Frankston is on the up and up. (And that’s just Frankston PROPER including Frankston North. Frankston South was $787000.)

And like all late bloomers and underdogs, Frankston has attracted public and government funding for community initiatives just like suburbs like St Kilda and Fitzroy. This has created a wealth of free art across the suburb complemented by terrific coffee, creative boutique style stores and a wealth of community events. I heart Frankston!

Here are some of our favourite free art spots across Frankston:

Gallery Lane, Frankston Library, Beauty park and Frankston Beach are all home to some wonderful creations.

There’s also this public art and a great list of sculpture here and if you are willing to travel a little further afield you cannot go past our favourite art spot.


3 thoughts on “Free Art In Frankston

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