Fairy Trees of Mt Eliza

Fairy door on Barmah St

I used to be a professional fairy. No, no, you read that right. I was a fairy. Wings, garland, glitter, the whole shebang. I was in my early twenties and I’d go to kid’s parties and cast spells and do treasure hunts and pose in photos with creepy dads. Ew. My stage name was Fairy Sparkle.

I’ve always been attracted to quirky treasures. The unusual. The enchanting. So you can imagine my excitement when Mini finally stopped going on about Peter Rabbit and finally delved into the world of princesses, pirates and of course FAIRIES.

I feel like there should be way more fairy trees out there but we are happy to have found two in Mt Eliza. Now before you get too excited, these trees are pretty basic but you know what? It doesn’t matter. As soon as you press a wishing stone into a tiny hand and whisper tales of Gumnut and Snuggle Pie into a little ear you child will be spellbound.

Our first discovery is the fairy tree in the park next to Kunyung Preschool. It features a couple of fairy doors and we recommend you BYO fairy bits and pieces to leave at the tree so it may one day be as amazing as it once was! As a side note, apparently a kinder dad was behind the magic of this tree. It once had a letterbox, door bells and other extras. Cute!

Making wishes

The second fairy tree in Mt Eliza is within the play area within Linton’s Café (which is within the Eden Garden Nursery on Canadian Bay Road. Like a Babushka doll!) This play area is seriously cute and Linton’s does amazing cakes so plan enough time to spend an hour or so here.

This tree features a fairy door and what Mini calls ‘Fairy homes’ further up the trunk. The perfect place to daydream on a sunny day and waste an afternoon.

The Fairy Door at Linton’s.

Miss Morni Penni tip: You can buy your glass wishing stones in bulk from Bunnings and use this official Fairy Wish (circa 1999 courtesy of Fairy Sparkle)

I believe in fairies

Yes I really do

I believe my dreams and wishes

Will come true.

Here’s hoping all of you little one’s wishes come true.



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