Free Art In Frankston

Frankston is cool. Gone is the stigma of even just a few years ago. With the average price for a four bedroom house in Frankston hitting half a million dollars in February 2017, Frankston is on the up and up. (And that’s just Frankston PROPER including Frankston North. Frankston South was $787000.) And like allContinue reading “Free Art In Frankston”

Review: Soul Press, Mornington.

I don’t know about you but breastfeeding makes me want to EAT ALL THE THINGS. Which is fine except ‘all the things’ are usually toast, a stray muesli bar and a hash brown from the drive through. This is where Soul Press comes in to save the day. Quick food that is delicious AND healthy. IContinue reading “Review: Soul Press, Mornington.”

Little Libraries

Have you discovered the Peninsula’s trail of book boxes? Being a family of book lovers, we began to notice these gorgeous little libraries popping up over the last few years. Essentially running on a book exchange system, these gorgeous community offerings are a great way to broaden your reading repertoire and show your child the joyContinue reading “Little Libraries”