Looking for a copywriter who knows how to talk to your ideal client?

As a copywriter, I always write for the reader first – no keyword cramming, click baity nonsense here! When clients engage with quality content your brand reputation is strengthened and your SEO starts to improve. Before you know it, your ranking is moving, your bounce rate reduces and more of the people who are finding your website are buying and booking.

Writing newsletters, emails and website copy takes you away from doing what you REALY love in your business. Outsourcing means you can sink your teeth back in to the stuff that matters while I take care of the rest.

Here’s some things that lovely people have said:

“Bam! Smashed it! You writing goddess! This is exactly what I’m after. I can hear my voice saying this, you’ve somehow written it as me. How the? What the? What ever, send me a bill and do it again.” Julie, Sounds Like This for Kids

“100% happy and I am fussy because I’ve worked in marketing for years. You’re a real talent!” Tara, Building Dreams Group

“Wow that’s awesome, thank you so  much.” Joy, Quirky Collective

“Love it! I found myself saying OMG yes!!! It’s so good, thank you” Sinem, Maze

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for pushing this through for me! Its great and I’ve sent it to our web development team. Thanks again!” Belinda, Belgrin


Have you got something you need an extra pair of eyes on? Whether it’s a magazine article, newsletter or blog post, ensuring that your published piece is polished is imperative!

Proofreading + editing packages start at $85


Articles, blog posts, website copy, emails; you name it, I’ll write it. Quality content can establish you as an industry leader or simply let people know what you’re all about.

Chuck in some super-amazing SEO copywriting magic and suddenly Google is serving up your content faster than you can say “How can I get my website to rank?”

Writing packages start at $350 and can include research, SEO + edits.


Want to DIY your SEO or business blogging? Or mabe you have all your content but you need some help in getting it seen. One on one coaching ensures you’re up to date with best practice + the most relevant info. You’ll get a chance to ask all your questions + walk away with templates and a whole lot of knowledge to level up your digital marketing.

One on one, in person coaching starts at $350



Interested in one of my writing, editing or coaching packages? Or perhaps you’d like a quote for a customised little somethin’. Hit me up!